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Bourjois Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.*

influenster voxbox bourjois holiday voxbox

I was recently extremely lucky to be sent a VoxBox from Influenster. Influenster is a platform where members can review products, share photos and find out what makeup and beauty items are hits and misses. Influenster often sends out VoxBoxes - a box of products that are gifted to members for review purposes. I've been an Influenster member for a while now but this was my first box. When I heard it was Bourjois, I was delighted. And when I finally got a peek at what was inside, it was definitely worth the wait!

influenster voxbox bourjois holiday voxbox

Bourjois is one of my favourite high street makeup lines. Their products are affordable but are really good quality, and I definitely gravitate towards them when I'm in my local Boots. This VoxBox was a showcase of their holiday collection, and it is definitely perfect for the festive season.

bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer Healthy Mix foundation

The first thing I spotted in the box was the Healthy Mix Foundation. I've used the Healthy Mix Serum for years, but for some reason have never tried the foundation. Usually, I tend to go for the lightest possible option in foundations, so when I saw this was in a shade called Rose Ivory I was slightly concerned. If anything though I think this is a much better colour match as it has a hint of pink to it that looks a lot more natural with my red undertones than the usual yellow-based foundations. This is lightweight, barely feels like you have anything on and gives your skin a nice glow without the need for powdering down any shine. It feels silky to touch and has a light but buildable coverage - perfect for someone like me who is paranoid about having a cakey face. Both this and the serum version really do what they say on the tin - they give you a healthy, natural base which lasted a really long time on my skin. The only thing I would say is that if you have dry skin like me, the foundation seems to show it a little more than the serum, but it's only noticeable when you're very close up. 

influenster voxbox bourjois holiday voxbox

Next up was the Healthy Mix Concealer. I'm one of those annoying people who for some reason never buy products from the same range - instead of getting the concealer to match the serum, I've used the Collections Lasting Perfecting concealer since it was all British YouTubers could talk about - so I was intrigued to see how well these products worked together. When I first tried this I was a little shocked by how much thicker this felt than the foundation (I mean, I know concealers are generally thick but stay with me). I thought that trying to use this on such a light, natural, base would look ridiculous, but this blends out like a dream. I love the coverage this gives and it has very subtle flecks of shimmer in it that really help to brighten the undereye. The only issue I have is that it is very yellow in colour, which looks really at odds with the rose-tone of the foundation shade I received. I've seen some people say they mix this with a different concealer to get the right colour, and I might give this a bash as it really does make me look much more awake and alert. Both this and the foundation are packed full of vitamins that are intended to help combat fatigue and I do think that together they made my face look brighter, refreshed and flawless. As a side note, I absolutely love the smell of the Healthy Mix products - but if you have sensitive skin it's worth being aware that these do have a scent to them.

bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara

I also received a Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara. I've tried a few Bourjois mascaras in the past but I tend to prefer the bigger, fatter mascara wands (not that size matters...!). I was a little hesitant about this wand as I was convinced it was going to disappoint me. It didn't - in fact, it's my new favourite mascara. This gives so much length to your lashes you feel like you could fly away if you bat them hard enough. It also gives a ton of volume without any clumps and holds a curl for an entire day - all this from one coat. I loved how it looked and yet I couldn't see it - you know when you've had to layer up your mascara or used a particularly thick formula and you are really aware that you can constantly see them in your line of vision? None of that; this feels like you're not even wearing mascara but looks amazing. Just make sure you don't forget and rub your eyes...

bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher

Bourjois' little round pots are iconic and have been a part of my makeup consciousness since I was a child. To me, these are little pots of glam and I've always loved how classy they feel - like something 50s film stars would have used. This Little Round Pot Blusher is in the colour Rose d'Or (golden rose), which is a very accurate shade description. It's a vibrant, bright rose pink with a golden shimmer. I don't usually tend to go for bright pinks, as I'm usually that colour naturally, but this actually looks very natural and subtle on the skin. It feels beautiful - soft and silky, very blendable and with a soft talc scent. It's the perfect flush of colour for winter makeup. The packaging on this is great too, with a little mirror inside for on the go application. The only thing I don't like is the brush - it's cute to look at but it's basically useless to use.

bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow
bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow

I made a weird squeaking noise when I first laid eyes on this Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette. This purple beauty, named Brilliant Prunette, is the kind of thing I'd have loved when I first started wearing makeup. Since then though I've had it drummed into me that blue eyes should stick to orangey/goldy/brown shades, and have lost my lust for brighter eyeshadow. Purple is my absolute favourite colour though, so I was so pleased to receive this and reignite my passion. These colours look a bit full-on but they are actually a lot easier to work with than I expected. The palest shade (they don't have individual names sadly) is a gorgeous pearl pink, the middle purple is a plum shade with a blue glitter that blends out to a gorgeous reddy-purple colour, and the darkest purple looks almost dark brown with a metallic sheen. The real showstopper is the glitter in the centre of the quad - the glitter is so large it looks more like flakes, and is a stunning lilac with blue and gold colours also present. All of these eyeshadows feel buttery soft, blend out to the most beautiful colours and lasted a surprisingly long time - even the glitter which I applied with a brush damp with setting spray. This is honestly the perfect palette for Christmas looks, and I am in love with how unusual the shades are.

bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks
bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

Lastly, but not at all leastly - the lipsticks. Oh man, I'm a lipstick fiend. I received three of the Rouge Velvet Lipsticks in the colours Brunette (a dark burnt-red-brown), Magni-fig (a deep wine-coloured purple) and Berry Formidable (a classic red with blue undertones). These are 100% my kind of lipstick colours - I love a dark lip and they are perfect in winter. I also really liked how well these colours corresponded with the eyeshadow colours - even Brunette matching with the brown tones of the deepest purple colour - very clever! The shape is great for easy application, although I did struggle a little in the corners of my mouth or when 'lining' my lips. These are so soft and easy to apply, they basically glide onto your lips providing a full whack of colour in one go. In fact, they are so soft when you're applying them that I didn't expect these to dry down matte, I had totally expected them to be a bit of a nightmare and constantly move around. Not so, my friends, not so. These don't budge at all, there was absolutely no bleeding (even without lipliner) and they even lasted through me munching in front of Netflix - pretty impressive. My only complaint is that I'll have to struggle to decide which to wear on Christmas day!

influenster voxbox bourjois holiday voxbox

I honestly couldn't be happier with my Bourjois VoxBox. Every single item works beautifully, lasts forever, and crucially for a weirdo like me, doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all on your face. I can't believe how much I enjoy these products, I was expecting to receive maybe one or two lipsticks but have lucked out with a full face of things I adore! This totally reaffirms why I love Bourjois.

Huge thanks to Bourjois and Influenster for this box of goodies. What items do you like the look of?
*I was gifted this box for free from Influenster in return for testing and an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. What an incredible box of goodies! I'm a little bit in love with that eyeshadow palette as I love a good purple on the eyes. I've not bought Bourjois for such a long time but I'm clearly missing out!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3


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