Monday, 4 January 2016

An Introduction.

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Every year, when January 1st rolls around, I find myself making promises that I have no intention of keeping. "I won't spend so much money", "I'll eat healthier food and exercise more", "I'll learn a new language". But by January 3rd (if I'm lucky!) all these promises are in tatters as I spend money I don't have on Domino's pizza that I don't need, and watch Pointless rather than doing anything remotely cultural.

Last year I turned the grand old age of 26, and started to realise I was unsatisfied with lying in front of the tv doing nothing. I felt life was passing me by, and I wasn't doing anything worthwhile. So I decided it was time to make a change.

My relationship with travelling is love/hate. I love visiting new places, learning the stories, history and culture of an area, and falling in love with beautiful landscapes. However, I suffer with quite extreme anxiety. This makes it really difficult to get on planes particularly, so I find myself pretty limited in where I go. But then it dawned on me - I am extremely lucky. I live in a beautiful country that so many people travel thousands of miles to come visit. I'd been taking Scotland for granted; despite living here my whole life, I'd barely seen any of it. Even in my hometown of Edinburgh there are surprises and hidden gems waiting for me to discover.

So 2016 is the year I will travel and explore, while keeping my anxiety in check.

I've always loved to write, despite not being particularly good at it. Over the years I've started approximately 15 blogs, again all abandoned before I've reached my third post, but with so many adventures on my doorstep I'm determined to keep myself accountable. By the end of 2016 I will have a complete record of the journeys and stories I intend to experience; definitive proof of my aim to "get out more". I'm sure that anxiety is going to try and trip me up, probably numerous times over the coming months, but I look forward to hopefully gaining some experience and potentially giving out some advice on how to make some memories and live a fulfilled life, even when your brain is talking too much!

So welcome to Adventure and Anxiety. I'm sure there will be plenty of both.

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