Monday, 18 January 2016

Harry Potter Studio Tour!

One of the worst things about having such an overactive imagination constantly telling me what could go wrong is that even relatively simple things can be overwhelming. While it might not sound much to you, even the idea of getting on a train, alone, to go visit my best friend in London was freaking me out.

We'd come up with the idea pretty last minute, but as I had "nothing better to do" last weekend, why not, right? So I booked my train and tried to think of the long train journey as an opportunity to get rid of some of the 111(!!!) podcasts currently taking up all the storage on my phone. In the end, I  managed to get through the 5 hours mainly by sleeping (my train did leave before 7am so surely this is allowed?!)

Another last minute scheme was Fereuse's AMAZING idea to check whether there were any tickets left to the Harry Potter studio tour. Luckily we snagged a couple, and after arriving in King's Cross at lunchtime, we headed up to the beautiful setting of Watford Junction (ahem...) to catch the bus to the studios at Leavesden.

I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm a big fan of the books and films, and I was really excited to get to see the actual sets, costumes and props used in the movies. The studio tour didn't disappoint. An added bonus was that the Hogwarts in the Snow experience was still on, so everything was super festive!

Harry Potter is one of those magical (excuse the pun) pop culture tidal waves that comes along every so often, and sweeps everyone up in its path. Being at the studios really brought this home for me. I was looking at all these props which, out of context, make absolutely no sense, and yet everyone around me knew their exact names, purposes, when they appeared in the franchise... "Oh that?! Yeah that's just a timeturner, obviously...!" It's basically like everyone is having the same, extremely surreal, dream - and I love it.

Some of my favourite sets to see up close included the Potions Classroom (sadly, Alan Rickman had passed away the day before we went, so they had a small dedication next to his costume), Dumbledore's office and of course, Diagon Alley. I was also slightly worried by how much I loved the aesthetic of Dolores Umbridge's office, as she's one of my least favourite characters ever created. She frustrated me so much I'm sure I threw my copy of The Order of the Phoenix across the room, but damn it I cannot resist a cat brooch!

My new style inspiration.
I could go into loads of detail with this, as the studio is absolutely packed full of treats for Harry Potter fans, but I also don't want to ruin the fun for anyone who hasn't been. So instead, here's a few sneak peeks of what there is on show. If you get the chance to go, definitely do! I had so much fun, and there was so much to see that I'm sure that even after the four or so hours we were there, I missed a lot. I'd definitely go back.

 Have you been to the Harry Potter studio tour, or maybe the Wizarding World in Florida? What did you make of it? Let me know!



  1. Going there during the Christmas period makes it even more magical!! I cried when I went!! So amazing, loved it so much.


    1. Honestly I'm not surprised that people cry, it's so overwhelming to see all this stuff close up! I loved the studio tour, there's so much to see. I'd love to go back. Glad you enjoyed it too! 😊

  2. I went there about 2 years ago and it was so amazing. Hogwarts in the snow was so beautiful and (for want of a better word) magical! Great post lovely I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Ella xx

    1. Yeah it was so lovely with all the festive set up, seeing the Gryffindor common room all decorated was my favourite bit! I'd love to go back though :) glad you enjoyed it too! And thank you for your kind words xx


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