Thursday, 28 January 2016

Stockbridge + Light Painting.

No matter how hard you go searching for entertaining adventure in far-flung places, sometimes the most unexpectedly hilarious and fun experiences are just random spontaneous jaunts around your own hometown.

Seeing as he used to work for Nikon, and therefore should know a little bit about cameras, I asked my brother Jamie if he'd explain to me how they work. He agreed to join me in the beautiful area of Stockbridge, as it's perfect for arty-farty photo practice. I'm pretty terrible with most technology whatsoever, but when he repeatedly referred to the aperture as a "big hole" - dumbing it down in the hopes I might understand - I kept laughing, and we gave up fairly quickly. 

Instead we headed to the lovely Hectors pub, where the only photography practice we really got was being those idiots who take photos of their food. To be fair though, the food there is really tasty, and the pub itself is eclectic and laidback. They also had some really great deals on during the week, and tend to have a brilliantly terrible pun on their board outside the front door.

Stockbridge really is one of the most picturesque areas of this little city. Even though it was starting to get dark, and it had been raining on and off all day, trees twinkled with blue lights, and the architecture was still gorgeous. (I'll be sure to pop back down on a better day to get some better shots!)

It just so happens that Jamie's favourite street in Edinburgh, Circus Lane, isn't too far from Hectors, so we decided to have a wander down. Circus Lane is a little haven of quaint, cute houses along a cobbled street, hidden from the busy roads on either end. It's a weird feeling of stepping out of the city centre and into a quiet little village.

After a lovely afternoon spent in Stockbridge, my husband Blair joined us, and we decided to drive up Blackford Hill, one of Edinburgh's seven peaks. The Royal Observatory is at the top of Blackford Hill, and as it was now pretty much pitch black (at like 5pm, gotta love winter in Scotland), we thought it would be a good spot to capture some shots overlooking the city, and some of the skies above. I think we did fairly well, especially considering how insanely windy it was that night.

However, taking night time photos is hard, and we were starting to freeze, so instead we took a couple of light painting shots. It worked better than we'd imagined and I have to admit that the boys got a bit carried away. If you're easily offended look away now... :)

We had a really fun time, when we'd started with absolutely no plans. The whole day had just developed spontaneously, and it was so fun to just say 'yes' to hanging out with people and seeing what happened without a strict schedule or real plans - even if those people are extremely immature!

When was the last time you had a really fun, spontaneous day out?


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