Saturday, 6 August 2016

Starlight Blogger Award.

My husband is home, so normality is restored! I'm so happy to have access to a laptop again, as within two days of Blair leaving my cat decided to push my iPad out of a first floor window. On the bright side, she's made a lovely fur scarf (I'm kidding!). I got tagged by the lovely Aisling of Aisling's Apparel to do this post so let's get cracking...

So the Starlight Blogger Award works like this: Aisling's come up with three questions for me to answer, then I'll come up with three more for the six bloggers I'll tag at the end. Pretty straightforward. Aisling's questions were:

What encouraged you to start blogging?

A lot of things! I'd come to the end of 2015 having spent months in a really rubbish work environment and I was feeling particularly frustrated that I didn't 'do' anything - I'm not artistic, I can't play any instruments, the idea of me playing a sport is hysterical. The only thing I'd ever done and enjoyed was writing. I was also finding it really hard to talk to people about how much my anxiety was limiting me. It's easy to say "I have anxiety" but to admit that you're too scared to leave your own house alone is much harder. Having a blog makes it easier to explain how I feel.

What do you like to do to relax?

My favourite way to relax is by having a bath with all sorts of Lush products chucked in. Using an Avobath bath bomb and a You've Been Mangoed bath melt together is guaranteed to work. Apart from that I enjoy just having a lazy evening with my favourite people - until the board games come out of course. Then it's war.

What do your like to wear day-to-day?

While I'm still pretending it's summer, I like to wear a dress, leggings and a cardigan. Not the most practical in a country where it rains every five minutes, but it's about the only opportunity I'll get.

My questions for my six victims are:
  1. How would you describe your blog and blogging style?
  2. What is your greatest achievement?
  3. Do you have a style icon?
I tag:

Mainly just cause I felt like giving these guys a shout out and you should go check each of them out!

I'll be back on Monday with a 'proper' blog, yay for being back! Hope you're all well :)



  1. I've only just remembered you tagged me in this! Eeek, I'm useless. Thank you so much though, honey. Will probably have mine up within the next week or so.

    I definitely agree on the weather part! It's really hard to try and dress nice when *summer* is so darn unpredictable here. I have managed to get a couple of days worth of shorts/skirts though, yay! I also LOVE Lush products, I just wish I had more money for them! The Avobath Bomb sounds interesting, I can't say I've used that one yet!

    Sending my love,

    Vee //

    1. Oh my goodness I want to send you like a million Avobaths now, they are so lovely! You're right, they're definitely on the pricey side sadly! xx


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