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Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Velour Liquid Lipstick in Watermelon Soda + Prom Night.

Liquid lipsticks are hardly a revolutionary idea. I remember trying my first one absolute eons ago, a little Rimmel number if I remember correctly. It was absolutely not my colour, and I'm pretty sure it was so drying that my lips nearly cracked off entirely, but the point still stands: liquid lipsticks are old news. Even liquid lipsticks that dry matte are commonplace, so why is it that people like Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner can stick their name on a package and sell it for four times the price? I'm a curious lil fiend, so I decided the only way to find out was to try them.

Now, clearly, I didn't buy two lipsticks just for 'research'. In all honesty, I'm not a lipstick kind of person. I just genuinely haven't found any that don't a) make my teeth look even more weird and yellow, or b) make me look like a clown. I have funny lips (so please don't laugh at the pictures of them later!) and I am very red-toned in skin colour, so I find it really difficult to pull off a mouthful of colour. 

I'm not a make up snob and usually I don't tend to bother with anything except high street. I'll admit it straight up - I fell for the marketing. I first saw Watermelon Soda on a swatch video Jeffree did at the start of summer, and from there I fell into the black hole that is his website. I was in awe of all the pretty colours and quickly made a list of the ones I wanted. Maybe it was the pictures of the perfect lips and teeth, maybe it was the promise of vegan, cruelty-free make up or maybe it was just my quest to find a lipstick I don't end up wearing as face paint - whatever it was I bought two and waited patiently for them to arrive.

It felt like ages till I got my dispatch email, but it was actually less than 4 days - and it was actually informing me my lipsticks had arrived in the UK. Three days later, upon checking tracking I was absolutely terrified to see they'd been 'delivered' - not to me they hadn't! Luckily later that morning I got the dreaded customs fee slip with my post - when USPS says 'delivered' on their tracking they mean they've handed it over to the Royal Mail. I eventually got my lipsticks 7 days after ordering.

I had a fee of over £14 to pay, which I kind of expected. Custom fees are a bitch, there's no denying it, but you're pretty much going to get charged for importing make up so you just have to deal with it. It is annoying though as the products themselves are $18 (£13.52) each, so you're effectively paying for another lipstick. (Just FYI international shipping is $10.95, around £8.22).

The packaging is quite cute. They don't feel cheap to me at all, the design looks a bit higher-end which I'd expect for the price. The tubes have that nice weighty feel to them, they are fairly thick (and you do get a decent amount of product, 0.19oz compared to 0.11oz in Kylie's lip kits for instance), and I like that they're transparent so you can see how much product is left. I also really like the lock feature on the lid, it's so satisfying to click it back and forth (yeah really helpful reviewing Beth...).

Watermelon Soda is one of the summer limited edition lipsticks (hence the yellow lid and pink lettering). There really isn't a better way to describe it than as a watermelon colour - it's bordering on a neon coral (is that a real thing?! Please send help I can't do beauty). Prom Night is a classic neon Barbie pink and is part of the main line.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the smell of the Liquid Lipsticks - honestly to me Prom Night just smells like regular lipstick/gloss. There's a faint smell of chemicals but nothing like the 'cat piss' I've heard it called (clearly these people don't own cats). Watermelon Soda on the other hand is scented with watermelon, and I really like it. It's not for everyone but I'm a fan.

My favourite thing is the applicators! Oh my god I love these. They're soft and are shaped with a little dip in the end to make application easier. They have a slightly pointed end which makes lining your lips pretty easy too. They do glide across the lips perfectly, they're much better than any other doe foot I've used.

One thing that does bother me though is that if you do make a mistake, you're gonna have to start the whole thing over. The formula dries pretty quickly and it's not the one if you fancy putting on a second coat. I try to just put on a thin, opaque layer to avoid issues, but you've probably only got about 30 seconds to work with before you're gonna look patchy. Also make sure you've fully exfoliated cause you're gonna know about even the hint of a dry patch!

Talking of patchy, Watermelon Soda - girl is pretty but she is hard to get right! I found this one was super streaky, even after putting it in the fridge and shaking it loads like Jeffree recommended. To be honest it's got to the point where I like to mix this with a lip balm and wear it like that to avoid looking kind of crazy. It's a shame because I really like this colour, but as I said earlier - it's practically impossible to fix the streaks as these lipsticks don't take well to multiple applications. . Prom Night has a bit more opacity (although still not what I was expecting if I'm honest) which made me wonder if it was due to the scent or some other factor in the summer collections changing the formula, but either way I was disappointed as I really wanted these to be as opaque as claimed.

In their defence I've never tried a liquid lip that feels as comfortable as these did. After putting them on I barely thought about it again - they don't feel like you have anything at all on your lips, and there was no stickiness which I HATE. There's little to no transfer from these as well which is awesome. I loved that they don't seem to feather (omg I hate when that happens, makes me feel like an 80 year old woman when I can see all those lil cracks in my face) and that you didn't need a lipliner for them (theoretically - having looked back at these piss poor attempts I may reconsider!). Considering how long-lasting they are I was really impressed that I didn't find them at all drying.

Overall I'm disappointed that Watermelon Soda in particular came out so streaky as an opaque lip colour is a major part of the appeal of a liquid lip. I did decide to give the main line another try and ordered Redrum, Celebrity Skin and Androgyny (I did tell you how much I loved the colours) but they are being delivered by a different courier and so far it's been over two weeks since I ordered - really not impressed. If they ever arrive I'll update you on how I get on with them but there's a high chance they'll be going straight back.

Do I think they are worth the price hike that comes from Jeffree's name? Hmm, not really. Especially Watermelon Soda - it feels like a ridiculous amount of money to have spent on what has effectively become a tinted lip balm. The applicator is great and I like the colour selection but I'm sure there are cheaper, long-lasting lipsticks. I'm still on my mission to track down the perfect liquid lipstick.

Have you tried any Jeffree Star lipsticks, or do you have any cheaper favourites to recommend?



  1. What you saying about your lips?! They're so nice! And I personally think those colours look AMAZING on you!

    1. You're such a lil cutie <3 Thank you so much xx

  2. These look amazing on you! I did a post about his lippies as well.

    Celebrity Skin is literally my all time favourite lipstick! It's beautiful and I agree, they are so comforable to wear.

    1. Oh thanks :) I've now picked up Celebrity Skin, Androgyny and Redrum and I actually much prefer them to the two mentioned here so I'm going to have to do another post at some point! Xx

  3. Your lips look so lovely! I love both colours on you! Have the other colours arrived yet? Custom fees are such a bitch aren't they, I'm obsessed with the Kylie Lipkits. Jess xxx

    1. Oh thank you! That's really kind of you to say :) the other colours did eventually arrive and I think I like them more than these two, so I'll probably do another post! I've never tried the Kylie lip kits but they do look great! Xx

  4. I brought some of these online a few weeks ago and find them difficult to apply as well, if you make a mistake you are pretty much buggered if you don't have anything to it off either!

    Mel ★

    1. You're totally right, it's really hard to fix any patchy areas because another layer just wrecks the whole thing. I also find I have to really scrub them off which gives me a temporary trout pout but as you say is really not helpful if you're out and about! Xx


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