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Lush Christmas 2016 Haul.

This blog is basically just becoming a Lush blog, and honestly I'm okay with that.

I know I only just posted my Lush Halloween haul but that was really just the starter, and I'm ready for the main course. And what a main course it is! The Lush Christmas range is by far my favourite and this year is extra spectacular. Here's what I've got my hands on (so far)...

The Bath Bombs.

I'm a massive bath bomb fan and I have a pretty large collection. A lot of these are returning favourites but there are a couple of reformulations or entirely new products that I'm looking forward to trying!

Father Christmas (£3.75) is an old fave of mine. Super sweet, it is Snow Fairy scented and fizzes away to a beautiful green centre. It's very popular with kids and big kids alike. 
Luxury Lush Pud (£4.25) is similar in scent to the really popular Twilight bath bomb - it's full of lavender to help you relax and malty tonka adds a bit of sweetness. It's one of the most exciting bath bombs in the water due to all the beautiful coloured discs but it's also going to help you drift off at night! 
Star Dust (£2.95) is a sweet vanilla scented star shaped bomb. They've made this bomb slightly thicker than it was in the past which is excellent - these broke really easily but are much sturdier this year. This is a perfect gentle bomb for those who want a cute seasonal treat.

Golden Wonder (£4.25) is one of my all time favourite bath bombs. I honestly look forward to this every year and I think I still have about eight left from last year (that discount came in handy). This guy has loads of sweet orange and lime oil, as well as cognac to give it a zesty citrus-cocktail scent (it reminds me a bit of champagne too). There's literally no reason not to love this one: it's huge, the design is adorable, it's got a gorgeous golden sheen, the scent is beautiful, and it has a surprise inside that makes it an amazing bathing experience. Buy 100 immediately. 
Shoot For The Stars (£4.25) has been reformulated this year. The old design was based on the Van Gogh painting 'Starry Night' and produced an effect similar to that in the water. I'm excited to see what happens now that the white shooting star and yellow and pink swirls have been replaced with gold stars. This shares its scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids soap, a beautiful honey (obv) and caramelly scent, but it's entirely vegan which is awesome. Also those lil golden stars are mini bath melts, extra moisturising! Yay!
Another absolute fave of mine is So White (£3.75). This has a crisp apple scent - with just a hint of rose - and after a few years of being just a plain white bomb, this now has a cute apple leaf design. I find this one particularly calming and uplifting, so I'll be stocking up on these for sure!

Northern Lights (£3.95) used to be longer and thinner than the current design, and it used to break so ridiculously easily. Usually that  doesn't bother me, but with a bomb like this the shape is crucial to getting the full experience. I'm so pleased this has been changed to make it more sturdy, and can't wait to experience the light show again! This has a sweet, floral scent as it's full of ylang ylang and jasmine, perfect for a cold winter's evening.
I love Butterbear (£1.95). While this won't win prizes for being the most beautiful product in the water, it's full of Fair Trade cocoa butter that'll soften dry, weather-beaten skin. It's basically the Butterball bomb in a different design, so it has the soft sweet vanilla and cocoa powder scent. It's a tiny wee bomb so you can consider pairing it with another product, although it works really well on it's own too!
I don't like to be too negative but Mistletoe (£4.25) just isn't the scent for me. While the design itself is really pretty and I'm sure it'll be a treat to look at, the really earthy smell of the vetivert oil when paired with the love-it-or-hate-it scent of jasmine just combines to form a floral, smokey fragrance that isn't for me. Maybe you'll love it though!

The Inbetweeners.

I've named these as such because they are in between bath bombs and bath melts - they contain a fizzy element and a coating of butters and oils that melt away in the hot water to add some extra moisture and softness to your skin!

Never Mind The Ballistics (£4.25) is a stunning colour combination! It's definitely very attention grabbing, and I already know this is going to look amazing in the bath. It's got a banana scent, but it's mixed with fruity oils like lime and sweet wild orange that give it a slightly candy scent too - it smells a bit like those foam bananas or Fruit Salad sweets you get in penny mixtures. The pink bit has lots of Fair Trade cocoa butter to leave you feeling soft and moisturised.
Snow Angel (£4.25) is every glitter-phobic's worst nightmare. The stuff gets everywhere, but that's fine with me. While the bottom layer of golden butters melts away, the top part will fizz and reveal a gorgeous marzipan scent - if you've ever tried Snowcake soap it's like that! This is perfect because it doesn't leave you feeling at all greasy, just like you've had a super luxurious bath.

The Bubble Bars.

When I'm freezing cold and miserable, nothing gives me greater pleasure than climbing into a bath filled with mountains of bubbles. I also love bubble bars because they tend to be better value for money - you can get at least two baths out of each of these products. All you need to do is break a piece off and crumble it under running water.

Peeping Santa (£3.95) is such a little cutie. This guy came out last year and he's been one of my favourite products since. He's got a delicate strawberry scent, the same fragrance that makes up the Yummy Mummy/Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gels and the D'Fluff shaving cream. The two bubble bar pieces are sandwiched together with a mixture of cocoa and shea butters, meaning this gives you really silky, softening water. And honestly, just look at how adorable he is!
The Candy Mountain (£2.95) bubble bar is very popular due to it's beautiful sweet vanilla fragrance. It's very similar to the Creamy Candy bubble bar, a sugary, candy-scented delight that will be popular with Snow Fairy fans. Plus who doesn't want a pink bubbly bath!?
I am over the moon they've brought back The Christmas Penguin (£3.95) but I don't know if I'll be able to crumble him up, he's so cute. He's the same scent as The Olive Branch shower gel, a gorgeous citrusy fragrance with bergamot, Sicilian lemon and orange flower in it. This would be a great gift or stocking filler I think!
Ruby Red Slippers (£3.95) is honestly one of the weirdest smelling products I've ever had from Lush. It's a beautiful design with a gorgeous ruby lustre over it, but it's just bizarre smelling! It's got rose and carnation absolute in it, but there's something spicy about it as well. Very unusual but not entirely unpleasant! I can imagine this is going to turn the water a stunning colour.
Lastly, my little friend, Snowie (£4.25). This little David Bowie tribute is so adorable, and he smells good too! He's the same scent as the Frozen bath bombs, a mix of grapefruit and neroli oils that gives a fruity but complex fragrance that is really hard to explain! It's lovely though, and I'm looking forward to using this while listening to Ziggy Stardust.

The Reusable Bubble Bars.

Maybe I'm a big kid (actually I know I am) but I like having bath products that I can essentially play with, so these beautiful bubble wands are perfect for me. These are really good value for money too as you can get up to 10 baths out of them (although for me it's more like five or six). All you need to do is hold them under your running tap or swish them about in the water, and you'll have bubbles in no time!

The Magic of Christmas (£5.95) is basically Christmas in a bath product. It's packed full of cinnamon, sweet orange, almond oil, cloves and star anise - basically it's a spicy, orangey dream come true. Even the handle is a cinnamon stick! This is ideal for boosting circulation, dealing with any aches and pains or just generally getting into the spirit of things. It's so festive it's making me excited for the big day with over two months to go.
Magic Wand (£5.95) is another Snow Fairy scented item, so if you like candy bubblegum bubbles this is ideal. It's covered in a silver lustre but it doesn't run through the wand so if you hate glittery baths you'll be safe after the first one. This was a big hit last Christmas with little kids in the store I worked in, and it came with it's own motto - "give it a swish and make a wish!"
Santasaurus (£5.95) is so cute. The idea of a Christmas dinosaur is too cute, and this guy smells amazing too. He's the same scent as the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, that sweet honey and caramel mix that kind of makes you want to eat the bubble bar (don't). I'm hoping this turns the water a bright green but I'll have to wait and see!
If you're a fan of the Brightside bubble bar then you'll love Jester (£6.50). This one is the same fruity, zesty fragrance - a blend of tangerine, mandarin and bergamot oils. As cute as this is I can't work out why he's more expensive than the other three? However citrus scents are my favourite so I'll get lots of use out of this.

The Fun.

Again, what it really comes down to is that I'm a massive child, but I love Fun. Who doesn't want a product that you can sculpt with, use as shampoo, use as soap or use as bubble bath?! I've even heard of people using it to hand wash their clothes. Snow Fairy scented garments? Yes please.

Reindeer and Robin Fun (£5.95) is a sweet and spicy fragrance. Lush describe it as smelling like cola bottles and I can definitely see that. It's got black pepper, Persian lime and aniseed oils and it'll be perfect for warming you up when the evenings draw in.
Snow Fairy (£5.95) is (obviously) another sweet, bubblegum and candy fragrance. I'm surprised this hasn't been brought out as Fun before, but I'm glad it has now - I genuinely might use this to hand wash pyjamas for after a warm bath.
Santa Fun (£5.95) is the same scent as the Northern Lights bath bomb, a sweet floral fragrance made up of ylang ylang and jasmine. This will be lovely for baths before bedtime, leaving you feeling relaxed and comforted.
My least favourite of the four is definitely Elf on the Shelf (£5.95). Although the concept of sculpting an elf (it even comes with little paper legs) is really cute and will go down well with kids, the scent of this is just not my cup of tea at all. I hate ginger, like really hate it, and when paired with cinnamon like this it becomes even worse, in my opinion. For some reason it reminds me of the smell of a stir fry - it definitely smells foody to me. If you love it then apologies, but this is definitely not a scent I'd choose again.

The Shower Gels.

I probably have around 30-40 Lush shower gels/jellies, and yet I still show no signs of being satisfied with my lot. I love these because you can get a real hit of fragrance in the morning, or use a splash of them in your bath for bubbles at night. 

I'm not usually much of a floral fan, but when I worked at Lush I'd often find myself coating my hands in the Rose Jam shower gel (£9,95 for 250g) (and the Ro's Argan body conditioner). There's something about this scent which is just beautiful; obviously it's packed full of rose but it doesn't smell overly floral or, dare I say it, old lady-ish. It's slightly sweet and delicious. The Rose Jam bubbleroon is one I used to keep by my bed just so I'd occasionally get a whiff of it, it's that lovely. But for some reason I'd never bought the shower gel before. I'm ecstatic to finally have it, I can see this being one I stock up on.
Another one I was over the moon to see was Bubbly (£9.95 for 250g). This is very similar in scent to one of my favourite bath bombs, Golden Wonder (there's a shower gel called Celebrate which is the same scent family; I'm lucky to have one but they are currently exclusive to Lush Japan and hard to get hold of), so it's got that gorgeous champagne cocktail scent with lime, orange and grape juice. I'm actually in love with this, it's so fresh and fruity. It'll be hard not to use this up in a matter of days.
Lastly, I also got a small bottle of Snow Fairy (£3.95 for 100g) because is it really Christmas if you don't get Snow Fairy?!

So there we have it, this year's Christmas haul (so far, *smirky emoji*). I'm really pleased with what I got and I can't wait to try them out over the colder months. 

Have you bought anything from the Christmas range, or is there something you'd love to try? Let me know!

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