Monday, 24 October 2016

Opposites Attract.

Every so often I am reminded that Blair (my husband) and I are very, very different people. Like the time he gave me a wooden handbag (for those wondering, it's exactly what it sounds like), or when he told me he had a 'present' waiting for me at home, and it turned out to be blackout blinds. Here are a few areas in which we are definitely opposites.


I'm one of those people who absolutely cannot stand buying people practical gifts. If it's useful, you should be buying it yourself. I only want to get you fun things, like an XBOX One or sailing course. Blair, on the other hand, once spent a work trip in Oman sending me photos of my favourite perfumes at duty free, and asking if they were good deals. When he told me he had a present for me, I was so excited. Turns out it was a very, very small bottle of Heinz ketchup he'd been given with his room service. To be fair, he does buy some great gifts when I tell him exactly what to get, and he does try - it's just that he tends to go for things he would like, as opposed to what I'd like.


I'm not the biggest spender of all time, although I am totally useless at saving. I do like a bargain and I wouldn't say I'm a brand whore or anything, but compared to Blair I have a shopping habit like Kim K. When we got married, he spent precisely £8 on his wedding ring. It just isn't important to him to have expensive things, or really 'things' in general; he still has clothes from when he was a teenager. I kind of admire it, but on the other hand I'm still waiting for my honeymoon (18 months and counting).


Everything is a drama in my life. Like the world is ending pretty much on a daily basis, for one reason or another. I'm definitely a drama queen and overreacting is pretty much my one true talent. I'm very much a Marmite person; I can be quite outspoken and sarcastic, which is not everyone's cup of tea. On the other hand, basically everyone likes Blair. He's funny, friendly and laid back. Blair is also much more level headed than me, very rational and sees the solution in every problem. That's a pretty useful trait to have around.


While we do have pretty similar political and moral views, when we disagree, we really disagree. Weirdly a major sticking point is the belief in spiritual things: the afterlife, ghosts, psychics and so on. He's just not having it. I don't even know if I really believe any of it, but for some reason I cannot stop myself arguing with him about it. One thing that annoys me about Blair is that he actually cannot get his head round the idea that he could be wrong about something. Like if he doesn't believe it, it just can't be true. It's hilarious, but it also nips my head because as we all know it's me who is always right. I'm still trying to convince him ghosts exist, even though I myself don't necessarily believe that, just because I really want to prove his way of thinking wrong. This leads quite nicely onto...


I wouldn't consider myself very competitive at all. In fact I'm much more likely to give up at the first hurdle and let someone else take the prize. It's just not that important to me - I'd rather bow out semi-gracefully than be a winner. However Blair is so competitive it's worrying. He will happily attempt to destroy his younger cousins or his nieces at any game, and the one time it looked like I might beat him at Monopoly he flipped the board. I think that's why I want to prove him wrong on something, because he can be so bloody smug when he's winning at anything, even an argument.


Blair is very outdoorsy, and would climb a Munro most days if he could. I much prefer to park my arse on the sofa and watch RuPaul, or play the Sims. Of course, it's just when I sit down to watch something that he decides it's time to practice one of his many instruments nice and loud. And it's only ever when we have somewhere we need to be and need to leave the house within five minutes that he decides it's crucial to hoover the whole place. Saying that though, at least he cleans: I'm messy as all hell, and it drives him crazy. As does the fact I'm clumsy as fuck; I drop things constantly, break every item of technology I've ever owned, and have never had an entire drink without spilling it. But at least I turn things off; Blair leaves lights, the tv, the immersion heater, the oven, basically anything on.


I like romantic things. Maybe it's super basic of me, but I like cute texts, I like the idea of having 'a song' together, I like being told how someone feels about me. Blair thinks making Yorkshire puddings is romantic (to be fair they're fucking lush but c'mon). I think we just have massively different ideas on what romance means. For me, a little handwritten note or a surprise bunch of flowers is romantic. For Blair, putting up shelves (like he did yesterday) is romance. I mean the shelves are very nice, but I didn't exactly ask for them - in fact it was him who wanted them to begin with. As I said, if Blair wants something, he can't understand why everyone else wouldn't want the same thing. Therefore the idea that I don't think shelves are romantic is completely ridiculous to him.

There are a lot of ways in which me and Blair differ, but luckily in our case opposites definitely attract. Plus we have a very similar sense of humour - which at times we both really need! Being in a relationship with your opposite can be tricky, but it also teaches you a lot, and you experience things you never would think of otherwise. And life would be boring if we were all the same, wouldn't it?!

How are you different from your other half? 

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  1. Love this post. Quite funny but It gives me hope that opposites attract should i ever meet anyone totally my opposite ha x


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