Sunday, 9 October 2016

Podcasts I Can't Stop Listening To.

I am a massive fan of podcasts: I'm currently subscribed to 60 different shows and more often than not my phone is so full of new episodes that I can't use it to take photos. Podcasts are brilliant, they range from hilarious comedy, to informative and educational takes on social issues, to audio plays and documentaries. I love the freedom you get from being able to pick and choose your own set of 'channels'. Here are a few that I look forward to all week.

Close Encounters

Why not jump straight in with the most risque of my favourites? Close Encounters is a podcast from The Guardian, hosted by the delightful sex educator Alix Fox. This is a podcast about sex and relationships, and the knowledge about both that you can only really gain from experience. Each episode focuses on a person or couple with something to teach us about love and sex, such as Ant who has a small penis, Simon whose sex life has changed dramatically since a life changing accident left him paralysed, and Hazel who was born with two vaginas. I started this thinking it might be crass and voyeuristic, but it's actually turned out to be fascinating. I love the fact that this is an open and honest discussion of things that most people are reluctant to talk about, and it's done with so much respect and open-mindedness that I can't fault it. Even if you can't relate completely to the situation of the individuals involved, you'll come away feeling like you've learned something you can apply to your own love life. It's brilliant, and you can listen to it here.

My Favorite Murder

I'm a massive true crime fan, and I'd say a good quarter of the podcasts I'm subscribed to are crime or justice related, but this one is my favourite (ho ho ho, see what I did there). It's hosted by Karen and Georgia, two hilarious and engaging babes who take us through their 'favorite' murder each week, telling us all the grisly details in an entertaining, informative and at times, hilarious way. They'd tell you themselves that this podcast isn't the most well researched of all true crime podcasts out there, but that kind of adds to the appeal. It's like swapping stories with your friends, sharing in the outrage and revelling in the dark (but not too dark) humour. They also have mini-episodes where they read out listeners' home-town murder stories - everyone knows of something creepy that's happened near them! It's fantastic to binge-listen to, but maybe save it for when you're not home alone... You can listen to it here.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Seeing as this has been number one in the podcasts charts for weeks, I'm fairly sure everyone and their dog already listens to this, but on the off-chance that you haven't downloaded it yet, do so immediately! Jamie Morton's father 'Rocky Flintstone' has written an erotic novel, so every week he reads it to his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. This podcast literally has me cackling with laughter every single week, with the ridiculous plotline, stilted dialogue and the awkward sex scenes. It's the funniest, cringiest thing ever, and I love finding out more about Rocky's dodgy knowledge of the female anatomy. It's hilarious - you can listen here.

You Must Remember This

This podcast is a intriguing glimpse into the Golden Age of Hollywood, a behind the scenes look at the entertainment business in it's first century. Karina Longworth, who narrates the podcasts, clearly puts a hell of a lot of time into researching and writing these episodes, as they are packed full of unbiased, in depth information. It cuts through all of the mythology and sensationalism to give a true look at the film stars, their movies, and the scandals involved in making them. The episodes tend to be grouped into series, giving an great sense of context to events - such as the Charles Manson episodes, which start before the Manson Family was ever an idea. I love old movies, and I particularly love old film stars; learning about what they were like as individuals makes that impossibly glamorous era even more exciting. You think today's stars are scandalous? You should look into this podcast - so many affairs, you'll have a hard time keeping up with who's married to who! Listen to it here.

IRL UK Podcast

Saving the best till last! I feel like this is a little hidden gem, and it's by far and away my favourite podcast. Every time a new episode comes out I both want to listen to it immediately, and want to save it so I can stockpile them up and binge listen. If you've ever read one of those ridiculous real life magazines like Take A Break, That's Life! or Pick Me Up! (why all the exclamation marks?), you'll absolutely love this podcast. Anna and Rhiannon talk through the most hilarious, absurd "real life" stories, and it's basically the highlight of my week. The stories are sometimes revolting, often unbelievable and always a little trashy - and I bloody love it. I've found myself laughing out loud while alone in a park (not weird at all), on the train, and in the supermarket. It's so bloody good, I can't recommend it enough - you can find it here.

Have you listened to any of these? Do you agree with my choices? Are there any podcasts you think I should try? Let me know! 

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  1. A great selection, I'll be sure to check them out sometime

    Mel ★

  2. I've never listened to podcasts before but this has really persuaded me to try some out :) I like the sound of the first one you wrote about so I might have a nosey. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Grab Your Camera x


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