Saturday, 22 October 2016

Pumpkin Party.

One day can really change the whole tone of a week, and that's exactly what today did. I got the rare privilege of getting to hang out with my BFF Fereuse, who is up from London for the weekend. We were feeling all kinds of autumnal, so we got up early and headed to a farm to go pumpkin picking.

We went to Craigie's Farm, near South Queensferry, to find our perfect pumpkins, but basically as soon as we got there we were distracted by two things: 1) the amazing looking cakes in the farm shop, and 2) they had animals! Of course, our priorities changed immediately - time to try and smuggle a new pet home.

I'm going to be frank with you all here. These pigs were huge. They were easily the biggest pigs I've ever seen, to the point where when the bigger (male) pig started grunting I was considering an escape route in case he charged us. Turns out he was just horny, which, considering the size of his ginormous testicles (which I do have pictures of but chose to spare you from, you're welcome), is probably fair. His other half was so far from interested though, probably because of what was lurking in the barn next door...

PIGLETS!!! Loads and loads of piglets! Jesus that poor sow must be knackered. But look how adorable they all are! This is literally my dream; I would've happily moved into the barn with them. I was hoping all the other visitors would clear off so I could jump the fence and start the adoption process, but sadly it wasn't to be (this time...).

There were also some cutie little Shetland ponies to make friends with. I feel like Shetland ponies are becoming an alarmingly regular presence in my life; I swear I see some at least once a week which isn't right when you live in an urban area is it? I'm not complaining though. I accidentally insulted the top one, by telling him he had a warm head when he let me touch him, so he went off into an emo huff and stayed away from us after that - soz. These guys are so cute and dinky, that they've actually thrown the ethnicity of Blair's gran's pony into doubt - he's way too big to be the same species, so now we have no idea what he is haha.

Eventually we got back to the point, and wandered over to the pumpkin field! I have always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and pick my own, but I always assumed it was just an American thing and that there wasn't anywhere near me that did it. Craigie's Farm is like 10 minutes from my house - whoops. Anyway, they've got a big ole patch o' pumpkins for you to choose from, although it's fair to say that it seems to be really popular. There was still a pretty good selection left, but it seemed obvious that a lot had already been taken. There were also a few that weren't quite ripe though, so I reckon there's still time to grab one.

It was pretty busy at the farm, so competition was fierce, but we wandered around attempting to find the perfect pumpkins to call our own. I bloody loved getting to go out and do this. It's a bit more expensive than going to your local supermarket, but it supports local businesses, and it also really gets you into the spirit of things. I love autumn, but I swear I've never felt so autumnal as I do today.

Eventually, feeling very smug about our perfect pumpkins, we headed home to completely mutilate them.

The last time either of us carved a pumpkin was 2011, and we were basically using butter knives, so you can imagine how successful that was. This time we had our free carving kits that Craigie's had given us, although I wasn't feeling that confident about these tiny blades versus these bad boy root veg. Turns out they were amazing, so now we had no excuse not to create utter works of art.

The planning stage was taken very seriously; we demanded absolute silence, even from the cats. Van Gogh didn't have to put up with their meowing bullshit.

In the end, these were our final creations. Fereuse created this awesome Jack Skellington pumpkin, and I settled for an owl. This pumpkin and I have a lot in common: dead on the inside but still judging you.

I'm actually pretty impressed with these two; they look much better than I was expecting seeing as I was also introducing Fereuse to the genius of Drag Race while we carved.

We decided to take a detour when dropping Fereuse back off at home, and headed to the beautiful coastal town of South Queensferry. This place is so cute, I can't stand it. The twisty, winding main road has some of the prettiest little houses on it, and if it wasn't so blaaady expensive I'd move here in heartbeat.

We headed down onto the beach to skim stones and have a little look at the new road bridge that's being built. Obviously nothing compares to the majesty of the rail bridge though. I used to love getting to the bridge on my train journeys back from Aberdeen - it was a real signal that I was finally home.

All in all today was absolutely lovely. I laughed a lot, got to do fun things, and got to spend time with two of my favourite people. I love those friendships where even though you're miles apart you can just pick up where you left off, with no awkwardness (I mean, except me trying to get out of the back seat of a Fiat 500. That was awkward). It was just a really nice day, so thanks Fereuse & Blair for being excellent company!

Have you done anything to get into the spirit of Autumn? When was your last lovely day out?

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  1. This is such a lovely little post. I think if I'd have seen the animals, I'd have been straight in there, too! I'm considering trying to drag Valo to a pumpkin patch this week, though the ones around here seem to be quiet expensive. I've never been to one, so it would be a fab experience. I suppose we'll see!

    With love, V. x

  2. this post is just so full of happiness... pumpkin carving with friends, enjoying autumn on a farm, and those ponies though.... so jealous of your adventures! xX


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