Monday, 31 October 2016

What I've Learnt From Blogtober.

So, here it is at long last. The final post of Blogtober. Yes, I actually managed to post 31 blog posts in the last month - something I had real doubts about from the start. It's been a really interesting experience, and it's definitely taught me a few things!

I still leave everything to the last minute.

Here's a fun little game for anyone who is really bored: take a look at any of my Blogtober posts and go to the bottom to see what time they were posted. Despite having all these grand ideas of an entire month of posts scheduled to go up at 5.30 every evening, most of them went up at 11.55pm as I scrabbled to get them done in time. I'm the absolute worst person for leaving things till the last minute; I'm not proud of it and I wish I were more organised, but I seem to thrive on the pressure.

Comparing Yourself To Other People Is Stupid.

There are some bloggers I've been following this month who have achieved incredible things. They've posted 31 beautifully written, informative and interesting posts on actual meaningful topics. It's enough to make me want to give up entirely. But for me, Blogtober was about challenging myself, and about figuring out what this little corner of the internet means to me, not about having some internal war with other bloggers.

I Can Actually Be Consistent.

I fully thought I'd have given up after less than a week, because in the past I've struggled to upload more than a handful of posts in a full month. I won't lie, there were so many times when I just wanted to sleep, or watch tv, or play the Sims, rather than write, but the little bit of pressure of having said I was doing Blogtober did push me to keep going. I am so guilty of giving up on things when they aren't going my way, and I am proud that I didn't give up on this. I am intending on going back to three blog posts a week for November, and I know full well now that there is no real excuse for not managing that.

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity.

Saying that, I do feel that a few of the posts I published this month were far from my best work. There's two from this week I really need to go back and edit, because they are just badly written. Pushing myself to write did bring me inspiration from a lot of places, but because I didn't pre-plan anything or have any scheduled posts, I didn't have as much time as I'd like to really streamline what I was trying to do. I definitely am looking forward to having a little more time to improve my future posts.

I Still Don't Have A Niche.

Everyone says you need one to be taken seriously, but this month I've posted about beauty, skincare, travel, historical places I've visited, mental health, lifestyle choices and scary-ish stories. I don't feel the need to be pigeon-holed by anyone. I write about what I'm interested in, and to do anything else would feel false, and probably bore me rigid.

Seriously Though, Stop Worrying About Numbers.

I had hoped that frequent posts would help my DA. Nope, I dropped another point. That was totally disheartening - I don't really know what I'm doing wrong there and it did feel a bit pointless. But then my page views are up 53% on my previous highest month. Saying that though, my page views are still absolutely miniscule, but they've increased despite this being the month I've posted the fewest number of links on Twitter (my main source of traffic). My Twitter follower count has felt like a losing battle, but my Bloglovin' has had the highest engagement I've ever had. I've actually felt inspired by Instagram again, but then I see all these other bloggers with brands desperate to work with them, and I feel left out. Blogtober really pushed me to consider what is actually important, and realistically it isn't numbers. I feel like we all get a bit caught up in all that bullshit, but a high Twitter follower count isn't why I started blogging, and it isn't why I did Blogtober. I did it to prove to myself I could, and I was right.

Daily Blogging Isn't For Me (Yet).

I take my non-existent hat off to anyone who manages to daily blog, because that shit is not easy. It takes up so much time and effort, it requires a lot of dedication and motivation, and you need a lot of inspiration to come up with that many topics. For just now, I'm happy to try three times a week, but I'm hoping I can take what I've learned this month and apply it, so that I'll be publishing the best posts I'm capable of.

Did you try Blogtober, or would you do so in the future? 

You can find all 31 of my Blogtober posts here!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID IT! Well done you! I definitely could not blog daily, I don't have the time or the motivation haha! I think it'd massively stress me out if I had to produce a post every single day! I totally agree that quality is more important than quantity too, but I certainly haven't felt that any of your posts this month have been substandard! I hope you enjoyed the Blogtober experience!

    Abbey 🌷


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