Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogmas Begins!

So apparently Blogtober wasn't enough stress for me, as I've decided to take on the challenge of Blogmas. Yep, I'm intending on blogging every day until Christmas. I clearly hate myself, but oh well.

I've decided to do it a little differently from (most) other people though. I'm going to take a month 'off' (absolute lol, when have I had a month 'on'?!) from specific, standalone subjects, and instead I'm using December to post more of a diary. I'm also going to be using Snapchat a lot more, so if you want to add me please do - my username is thebzax on there!

Honestly, I think we've all had a bit of a rubbish year and I wanted to get seriously festive. I have so many plans of what I'm going to get up to this month, and there will hopefully be a lot of things that will cheer me up so I can send 2016 on it's way on somewhat of a high.

Basically, I want a lot of pretty photos and Christmassy things to look back on in the months and years to come. 

Having said that, Blogmas didn't get off to a flyer. My brother and I have been desperate for it to finally be December, and therefore totally acceptable to start decorating, so we decided to hire a van, head out to IKEA with our mum, and get us some treeeeees!

It was all a bit stressful in the end though. We spent an hour in traffic trying to pick my brother up. We'd hired a van for two hours, seeing as mum and Jamie live basically the other side of town, and already we were eating into that. Two hours might seem like plenty of time, but my mum is well known for being on the indecisive side, and we aren't any better. Then the van hire company didn't give us the code we needed to actually get the van, and their website was super shady about a contact number (side note: why do companies do that?! No I don't want to submit a message form, I want a number I can call!) so it looked like we'd gone all the way out there for nothing. 

I was getting aggravated by this point because nothing annoys me more than wasted time, but thankfully the van situation eventually got sorted. It was then up to mum, Jamie and me to try and find trees. There were loads there, but every time I saw one I liked someone else nabbed it, so if you do go on a tree shopping trip soon get those elbows ready to jab people out of the way!

So I may have misjudged how big this tree was when I got exasperated and picked the first one I saw. We finally managed to squeeze it into our Fiat 500, but I spent the whole car ride home with it basically in my ear. Still, isn't it pretty? I'm looking forward to decorating it tomorrow. Yes, we were so keen to get the tree that the fact we have literally no decorations for it didn't even dawn us till later. Just another reason to do more shopping isn't it? Hehehe...

Just as a side note, IKEA is actually amazing for getting trees. They cost us £25 each, but we got a £20 voucher (that isn't actually valid till January, boo) but we also got a £5 voucher we could spend right there and then. Essentially, the tree was free! I got two of these hot mulled cider candles with my voucher, and they are amazing. Not only do they look really cute, they smell incredible. I am now really keen to make some mulled wine and/or cider though...

Have you started decorating yet, or are you holding off till closer to Christmas?

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