Saturday, 3 December 2016

Deck The Halls.

Okay, so change of plan already. It's the third day of December and I've already failed at Blogmas. Whoops. 

Yesterday was horrible. I had a terrible mental health day, just felt so alone and sad, and that little niggling voice in the back of my head decided to pop up and remind me of all the times I've felt like a loser. I spent the day thinking about every party I wasn't invited to, every person who just 'drifted away' out of my life, and even the time that my uni friend told me my entire existence annoyed him.

Because that's what my life is often like. I get consumed by thoughts I don't want to be having. I convince myself that no one likes me, and that every negative thing that's been said about me was true. It got so ridiculous that I was near tears over Follow Friday on Twitter. Apparently not getting a mention in a freaking tweet was enough to set me off. I was so caught up in myself that I was even Googling ways to find out how people have muted you on Twitter, so convinced that everyone thinks I'm an annoying little bint. I got myself feeling so despondent and useless that I genuinely got close to just deleting my blog, deactivating my Twitter, and disappearing from the internet entirely. 

It sounds stupid, but recently I've been really struggling with blogging motivation. I just feel left behind, like nothing I do is any good and that I'm no one's favourite. It's made me want to give up, so yesterday I did.

Anyway I had a good think about it, pulled myself together, and decided that instead of blogging every day, every second day is much more realistic. Then I went SHOPPING.

I've been desperate for something to look forward to, so I've fully thrown myself into the festive spirit. Usually I'm the type to hate anything Christmassy before December, but I've been so excited this year. Maybe pinning all my hopes on one day isn't that sensible, but lol too late.

Anyhoo, after getting our tree the other night, we decided it was probably about time to decorate the bloody thing. Now we are not proud people, so we were not about that £5 a bauble life. Instead we headed to B&M, where we picked up 40 baubles for a fiver, and the brightest LED lights known to man (we got 240 for about £20). This was quite the enlightening shopping experience: turns out Blair hates red Christmas decorations, and that silver tinsel is a precious commodity.

We managed to grab a couple of metres of it (eventually) in Wilko, which may actually be my new favourite shop? We also got our star which has already spread glittery charm around the entire house and the boot of our car, and I got this little hanging glass decoration thing which very much does not go with our goff themed decor, but was only £3 and I couldn't resist.

I have also bought a few Christmas cards - finally. I was hoping to post these on the 1st but oh well! I never usually send cards but as glum as I am lately, I feel very lucky to have 'met' a few wonderful bloggers, so a card to say I'm thinking about them is the least I can do really. I'm looking forward to sitting down and writing these tomorrow :) (But lol soz I just totally spoiled the surprise).

I wasn't entirely sure about the silver and black decorations, but now they're up I am so happy with them. I feel so much happier now there's a pretty tree in my front room, and I'm determined to focus on being positive this Christmastime. Plus how can anyone be that sad when there's glitter everywhere (although I definitely am having flashbacks of working in Lush)?

Please excuse the crap lighting, but here's the finished product...

And to be a complete cliche here it is with the lights off!

I can't wait to really turn my house into a full blown grotto. There's so much I want to get (read: so many fairy lights I need), and so much I want to make. I'm already planning my wrapping paper themes - although I probably should finish my shopping first - and there are at least 15 different recipes from Pinterest I'm going to attempt. I'm not wasting any more time being a Scrooge, I'm going to get Christmassy af!

Also look how edgy I am, a photo of myself in a bauble. I'm so cool.

 Are you embracing the Christmas spirit, or is the festive season not your thing?


  1. Your Christmas decorations look absolutely adorable, Beth! I'm loving the silver and black colour scheme (but what does Blair have against red, haha?) 🎅🏼 There are so many people out there in the blogging community who want to support you through your bad days (myself included!) so never think you're all alone! We can shout louder than those voices inside your head, and we are all saying YOU ARE LOVED! 💞

    Abbey ✨

  2. Oh Hun! Don't feel down, we all have our days and trust me I know how that feels especially with feeling like no one reads our blog and stuff but you should always remember to do it for yourself too. Your tree looks amazing and I love your little picks! I am a big fan of that colour scheme you have going on! Keep doing what you're doing!

    Jessica & James |

  3. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous and the tinsel really brings it to life, I don't know why people don't use tinsel more it's a classic festive accessory.

    Mel ★


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