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Birchbox February 2017.

I'm such a good blogger. Not only has it taken me nearly the whole month to write this post (lol whoops), I managed to lose the outside of my Birchbox before I could take any of the photos for it. I haven't posted about my beauty boxes for a few months, and not just because I'm inherently lazy. Birchbox in particular really let me down lately, with boring boxes full of cheap, crap products. I'd been waiting for them to get their mojo back.

I'm pretty annoyed with myself for losing the outside of this month's box because if there's one thing Birchbox can do well, it's creating aesthetically pleasing packaging. This month they teamed up with stationery brand Papier, with a choice of two boxes. I liked both so opted for a surprise and wound up with the white and green leaf pattern. As for what was inside, it was a bit of a mixed bag.

Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray, RRP £11.50, sample size worth £3.83 (50ml).

One thing that bothers me about Birchbox is the frequency with which they have pricing errors in the booklet that comes with the box. For instance, in the booklet, this is listed as being £21 for a full-size but is only £11.50 on their online shop. It's only a little thing, but it does make a difference: it either makes the sample sound more luxurious or makes it look like you're getting a great deal in the shop. It's a little bit manipulative.
Anyway, as for the product itself - spoiler alert, it's not good. I was really looking forward to this cause it says it's detangling and I have hair that is practically a bird's nest. However, this just added to the issue - it felt sticky, drying, and actually made my hair harder to brush. Such a disappointment!

aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum, RRP £28, sample size worth £4.31 (20ml).

I'm actually useless for remembering to use serum, but this Korean treat has been a daily occurrence for me. It's got a lovely fresh rose scent but isn't too heavily perfumed. I get a lot of skincare items to try in these boxes so I wasn't that excited by this, but I was really pleasantly surprised. The texture is nice and light; it soaks into the skin quickly without any greasy residue. Rose is excellent for
reducing redness, and I've noticed that this has actually helped balance my skin tone. It's also helped clear up the dry patches on my forehead and cheeks, and my skin has felt smooth and hydrated since I started using it. One of the rare beauty box products I will repurchase.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefruit, RRP £14.80, sample size worth £2.17 (22ml).

One half of me is like "yeah this worked okay and was quite hydrating and I quite liked the smell", but the other half of me is like "did they really send me a shave cream?!" It's fine, it does the job and although it doesn't foam it isn't sticky or anything, but it's not exactly groundbreaking. I usually use conditioner, which I actually think works better with a razor, but this did leave my skin feeling a bit softer afterwards. However, the tube was half empty which was disappointing. 

POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha, RRP £15.50 (for 10 shades), sample size worth £4.65.

I understand that these are just three out of a larger palette, but the shade choice made no sense to me; I don't think you could make much of a look out of them together. The pigmentation is also fairly terrible - the two lightest colours have no payoff at all. All three colours are shimmer colours, but there's not much to them. When I tried to blend them out, again the two lightest colours just about disappeared. I suppose you could use them as inner corner or browbone highlights, but they move around a lot. I also can't imagine paying £15.50 for a palette like this when you could buy higher quality products like Sleek for around £9.

Spectrum Collections Marbleous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brust, RRP £5.99, full size sample.

I love a good eyeshadow brush, and a contouring brush like this is my favourite. I don't think there's such a thing as having too many blending brushes. This is very pretty, and the bonus is it works a treat too. Spectrum brushes are pretty affordable too, which is always a good thing. I'm really pleased with this as my full sized product.

Total Box Worth: £20.95 
Total Box Price: £12.95 (£10 + £2.95 p&p)

Overall, this isn't the worst Birchbox I've had. I've got two things I love rather than five things I dislike like the last couple of months! However, in terms of the worth of the products included, this isn't great. It depends how much you care about value for money, but I do think they could've been more generous with the sample sizes, or included some higher end products. Maybe next month will be better!

What do you think about February's Birchbox? Did you get anything different?


  1. You're definitely right about that eyeshadow pigmentation, I found it hard to actually see the swatches on your arm on my first look at the photo 😂 I'm glad you got a couple of good things that you like, I'm such a big fan of rose scents so that serum sounds gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 🌹

    1. Yeah it's awful isn't it?! It's so hard to work with as well, definitely not my favourite item! The serum however is gorgeous. Thanks so much for commenting Abbey :) xx


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