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Lush Mother's Day 2017 Haul.

All right, I'll just go ahead and say it. I think Lush Cosmetics are trying to bankrupt me. The Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's and now Mother's Day collections have all been in such quick succession, but so good that I've not been able to resist them. I also know full well that the Easter collection is just round the corner. I actually need help: please, someone, take my bank card away...

Baa Bar bubble bar, £3.95

I'm sad my little one is missing an eye! But he's still a cutie, although a little small for a bubble bar; I can usually make them last three baths but with this, I'd be lucky to get two. However, the fragrance of this is lovely. The most prominent scent for me is violet, with a touch of jasmine - a love it or hate it floral combination. These two can be overpowering, but with the help of lavender, rose and ylang-ylang, they combine to form a sweet but comforting scent that will have you drifting off in no time - no need to count sheep! There's also bergamot that stops it from being sickly and gives a lovely grassy note. This would be perfect for a lovely soothing bath after a long day.

Elsie the Giraffe (You're Havin' A Bath) reusable bubble bar, £6.95

Firstly, can we just talk about how annoying it is that the stick on my Elsie isn't straight? It made taking photos of her a bloody nightmare... Luckily for me, she more than makes up for it in scent. This lemon, lime and grapefruit scent is so bright and citrusy, it almost reminds me of Twister ice lollies (I think that's what I mean?!) Citrus fragrances are my absolute favourite, so I am so excited at the prospect of multiple baths out of this reusable product. I'm only worried that I tend to have baths at night, and this might leave me too alert and energised to sleep!

Mum bath bomb, £2.95

It might not be that obvious, but this is meant to say 'Mum' with a love heart for the 'u'. This is really the only thing in the collection (apart from the Yummy Mummy shower gel which I didn't repurchase as I still have loads of) that is specifically branded for Mother's Day. This bath bomb comes in two colour options: with either pink or yellow lettering. This honestly smells exactly like Love Hearts sweets; it's fruity with lemon and orange oils, with rose oil adding a floral note. It actually does almost smell 'fizzy' if that's possible - as if it was made of sherbet. I personally really like this scent and can't wait to try this in the bath. The price is also great; this would make a lovely little gift for any mums who deserve a bit of time to relax!

Pink Custard shower jelly, £8.50 for 250g

I don't buy shower jellies very often, but I do really enjoy them. The whole concept is so fun and playful - they completely epitomise what Lush is all about. This one is very different from the others I own. While most of the shower jellies I've tried are quite uplifting and invigorating, this has a calming, relaxing scent that feels perfect for winding down with. Containing lavender, tonka, vanilla neroli and golden syrup, this bright pink jelly is herbal, sweet, comforting and very unique. In short, it smells absolutely nothing like custard. Personally, I really like this scent, but I can't imagine using it to perk myself up in the morning. Instead, I'll probably cut this up and use it as a bubble bath so I can chill out in this sleep-inducing fragrance.

Scrubee body butter, £6.95

Eeee it's so cute! This looks absolutely adorable and smells gorgeous too. Scrubee is full of honey and that is the predominant fragrance, but there are also hints of the coconut, bergamot and orange oils. The honey, shea butter and cocoa butter hydrate the skin beautifully, while ground coconut shell and ground almonds exfoliate. I really like Lush body scrubs; they don't contain harmful plastics, they make your skin feel dreamy and aren't too harsh - in fact, this one is particularly good as it's very gentle. The price tag might look a bit much but this will last me a good two or three months - pretty reasonable to me!

Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, £3.50

A reversible bath bomb?! Well, now I'm going to have to buy another so that I can see what happens on each side. This pretty, floral bath bomb is one I don't even recall seeing on the website, but it somehow made it into my basket (story of my life). When I first smelled this I thought I was mad; to me, it is extremely reminiscent of a nice fresh fabric softener. Turns out, that's what Lush was aiming for - phew! Rosewood, rose and orange gives this a bright, floral fragrance that has me super excited for Spring. I'm really excited to use this; those four different colours are sure to create something special in the water.

Your Mother Should Know bubble bar, £5.95

I love a nice big bubble bar - you know you can get three or four uses out of this kind of product which somehow makes it feel like you've got such a bargain. I have absolutely no idea why this has the name it does, and how it relates to the product. Doesn't really matter though; the bright and pretty design of this will catch many eyes, I'm sure. This bubble bar shares its scent with the Frozen bath bomb - a citrusy burst of grapefruit combined with the earthy scent of neroli and a floral hint of rose oil. This slightly herbal and musky scent is both fresh and uplifting, and I can imagine that these colours look beautiful in the water. I'm really looking forward to trying this.

Mother Earth bath bomb, £7.95

Because I am the kind of idiot who is so obsessed with Lush I just buy things without paying attention, I had no idea that this cost nearly £8. Maybe if I'd known it was so expensive I'd have been less surprised when this absolute beast arrived...

This is Mother Earth next to a standard bath bomb. It's ginormous! I was stunned when I saw it, firstly by its size and then secondly by the beauty. This really is beautifully crafted; it's like a (not so) miniature globe. There are lots of weird oils in this, like pine nut, tangerine and cypress, but all I can really smell is the peppermint oil. I love minty scents, so this slightly woody mintiness is right up my alley. I'm almost too in awe of this to ever want to use it - how could I chuck something this big into the bath anyway!?

Metamorphosis bath bomb, £4.25

Colour me confused with this one. This is labelled on the website as a Kitchen product but has been in stock for weeks. I can't work out if it is actually going to be introduced to stores or is just going to be available online, but either way, I knew I had to try this. This bath bomb is a very spicy affair; packed full of black pepper, cinnamon and myrrh, it's almost a Christmassy fragrance. At first, I really hated this (hating cinnamon as I do) but it's since grown on me. It's also beautiful and these pictures do it no justice. The meteor-style design is covered with a silver and black lustre, but they're hiding a big secret within. Honestly, I don't want to say too much about this because I really think it's worth experiencing first hand if you can. All I will say is it's beautiful.

Apart from these bits, the Mother's Day collection also includes Sunrise soap, Yummy Mummy shower cream and Honey lip scrub.

Overall, the Mother's Day collection feels more like a celebration of Spring to me. There are lots of florals and fresh citrus fragrances that will surely help lift spirits after months of wintery weather, and the bright playful colours nod towards the blooming of flowers that'll surround us shortly. Personally, I don't think I'll be gifting my mum any of these on Mother's Day (sorry mum) just because I'm too excited to use them myself, and look forward to the coming season!

What do you think about the new collection? Have you picked up any of these for yourself?

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  1. I'm not a Lush user, I've never been to a store, but I'm intrigued about the Custard! What on earth do you do with it! Great post, and enjoy all your baths!! Xxx


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