Wednesday, 12 April 2017

If We Were Having Coffee...

Recently, one of my favourite Scottish bloggers, Emily, tagged me in a post with a twist. Instead of the usual question and answer style, this post focuses on a more personal approach - what are the things I'd tell you if we were sitting together over a coffee?

I'm massively nosey and I love getting to know the people behind the blogs, so hopefully, you'll learn at least one new thing about me. With that said, let's jump straight in...

If we were having coffee... I'd tell you about my family. Some of the happiest times in my life were in the New Forest with my grandparents, and in Banbury with my auntie and cousins. We grew up 400 miles away, but I will always feel so connected with the beautiful area that my grandparents lived in. As I get older, that part of me becomes more important, as it influences a lot of my beliefs (I probably wouldn't get into a theological debate with you over a Starbucks though!). I've also lost three incredibly important people from that side of my family, and I'd want you to know that they were wonderful.

If we were having coffee... I probably, at some point, would end up talking about my cats. Thing is, going out for a coffee is pretty rare for me. I spend a lot of time in my house, and I need a good 24 hours notice to sort myself out before I leave. That means I spend a huge amount of time with these two idiots. Levi was a family pet but came to live with my husband and me when she scratched my mum's wallpaper. Before she came to our house, I was lonely as hell when Blair had to go off to work. These two, as sad as it might sound, are my constant companions - keeping me company, comforting me when I'm sad, and hogging the majority of my bed.

If we were having coffee... I'd talk about how much I love living in Scotland. I'm very lucky to be married to a man who loves adventures and has no problem spending the day driving to somewhere completely random just to see what it looks like. No matter how many times we go into the beautiful Highlands, I still feel like my heart is going to burst with how much I love this country. Yes, I'm a typical Scottish stereotype - I swear a lot, drink too much Irn Bru and I love a ceilidh - but it doesn't change how wonderful Scotland is.

If we were having coffee... I'd want to know what your favourite book is. Mine is 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak, just FYI. I love reading, to an almost unhealthy degree, and I feel like a choice in books tells you a lot about a person. I want to know what imaginary worlds are your favourites!

If we were having coffee... I'd thank you. I'm not an easy person to be friends with - it takes a lot of patience and a lot of understanding. Getting me out of the house to go for a coffee with you is a task and a half, so I'd be very impressed! I guess I'm a pretty lonely person, and I'm kind of resigned to that fact. I don't really have friends, and I don't get invited places. So if we did go for a coffee, I'd thank you so much for giving me a chance.

I'm tagging Abbey, Rachel, Tori and Vee for this post - I'd love to go for coffee with these gals so I'd like to know what they'd tell me :)

Massive thank you to Bettina of BeautySwot for allowing me to use two of her photos in this post!


  1. Thank you for tagging me Beth! 😘 I would dearly love to have coffee with you and talk about all of these things! Why does naughty Levi attacking your Mum's wallpaper not surprise me?? I'd love to hear more about your family and your time around my neck of the woods (Banbury is so close to where I currently live!) ❤️ We need to make this happen one day!

    Abbey 🌸

    1. The idea of going for a coffee with you is dreamy, we need to make it happen! x

  2. This is a great idea! I may write one of these even though I've not been tagged! X

    1. You definitely should, I love this take on blogging tags! xx

  3. I absolutely loved reading this post and getting to know more about you. I love my cat as well, he's my little buddy!

    1. Cats are definitely the best! When they aren't being naughty, of course! x


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