Monday, 3 April 2017

Lush Easter 2017 Haul.

Okay, for real, though. This is the last Lush haul I'm going to do for a while... hopefully. I've splashed out at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day - enough is enough! Lush, please stop releasing collections that I can't resist! I fully expect to be divorced soon... worth it, hehe.

 Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar, £6.50

I've loved these for a couple of years - my first purchase was back when all of the carrots were orange. I definitely prefer this version, though, it leads to more interesting bath colours and just looks cuter in general. £6.50 is definitely not the cheapest for a bath product, but you get a lot of baths out of these - at the very least you should manage six decent soaks which makes this much more affordable than opting for a bath bomb. This is quite an unusual scent, but one I've come to love: buchu, lemon and bergamot oils combine to form a citrusy, fresh scent that is one of the most memorable fragrances that Lush does. Even though it's the same aroma as some of the Christmas exclusives, to me this fits much better as a Spring product. I'm glad to see this back!

Chick 'N' Mix bath bomb, £6.95 

Last Easter, there was a product called Humpty Dumpty bath bomb. It was a big ol' egg-man, of course, and inside was a little fried-egg miniature bath bomb inside. I am a sucker for novelty, especially when it comes to Lush, and I really liked the concept of one bath bomb being used over multiple baths. This little guy is even cuter than old Humpty, and seems to be a better design, giving you (what looks like, at least) more product per bath. Chick 'n' Mix really surprised me when I first smelt it though; seeing that it contained bergamot and limonene I expected this to be another zesty scent. Instead, this is more of a soft, sweet perfume, where the presence of labdunum resinoid and tonka absolute was most prevalent. This is a really comforting scent, that almost smells like it has a hint of vanilla (I've checked the ingredients, it doesn't). I really like this, am looking forward to using it, and hope that Lush bring out more products with this scent.

Golden Egg bath bomb melt, £3.95

In the same way that the arrival of Snow Fairy signals the start of Christmas to me, when Golden Egg hits shelves I know it's Easter! Some people will absolutely hate this, seeing as if you're within six feet of it, you're guaranteed to be covered in glitter. Personally, I don't think a little bit of sparkle ever hurt anyone. Especially on a product that has a sweet, strong toffee scent (the same as the Honey I Washed The Kids products), and is both a bath bomb and a bath melt. Recently I've been really suffering from dry skin (again) and actually started making a real effort to use melts instead of bath bombs. The difference they make is unreal! The cocoa butter in this is going to help banish all my skins woes, and if I come out of the bath glittering like a golden goddess, well that's just fine with me!

Which Came First? bath bomb, £6.95

Again, another big but expensive bath bomb. This has changed design since last year (and you can get it in a spotty design instead of my stripey one if you prefer), but I believe everything else is the same; if so, then there's a very cute surprise inside that again means you can get more than one bath out of this, making the price a little better value for money. I really like this scent. It's got grapefruit and lemon oil, giving it a fruity fragrance, but vanilla absolute helps dampen down the citrus into a much more sweet, gentle aroma. I wish this scent came in a body lotion because it's the kind of comforting and mellow fragrance that I'd like around me all the time. 

Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel, £5.95 for 100g

I own way too many shower gels. Like, far, far too many. I'm also not the biggest fan of jasmine, so when I saw that was an ingredient in this I decided to pick up just a lil bottle of this stuff. I'm already very much regretting that decision because this stuff smells lovely. Alongside the aforementioned jasmine, this contains rose, neroli and sunflower oils. It also contains carrot infusion, giving the gel it's gorgeous orange colour, and pulling the scent out of the realms of unbearably floral (I'm not the biggest fan) and giving it a slightly fruity edge. Neither the floral or the fruity overpower the other, but this is definitely not as sweet as I was expecting. It reminds me a bit of the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar, but with an almost grassy note. It's a really unique and intriguing scent, and I love it.

Integgalactic, Lava Lamp Egg, & The Experimenter Egg, £5.95 each / Big Blue Egg, £4.95

Egg shaped versions of some of our favourite main line products?! Yes, please! I'm not going to bore you with details as I'm sure you've seen most of these before, but as I said earlier, I am a slave to novelty. Integgalactic is a beautiful display in the water, just like travelling into space, if space smelt very strongly of peppermint. Lava Lamp Egg is full of orange oil and cocoa butter and gives you psychedelic bath water straight out of an acid trip. The Experimenter Egg contains five bright colours, popping candy and a deep, musky vetivert, vanilla and tonka scent - probably the most exciting bath you'll ever have. My personal favourite though is the Big Blue Egg - packed with sea salt, seaweed and a relaxing lavender and lemon scent, it's like having a bath in a tropical ocean.

So there we go again - living off of beans on toast but living my dream in the bath (sounds weird, but you get me). There's a real emphasis on big, multi-use items in the Easter collection, and I'm very much on board with it. In fact, there's not a single product in here I don't like the smell of, and I'm so excited to relax under the colourful waters. 

Did you pick up anything in the Lush Easter collection, or is there anything here that's caught your eye?


  1. You've got so many lovely bits here! I really want to get a few bits myself. I love the look of the chick one especially! X

    1. Thanks Kate! The Easter collection was lovely this year - I hope you managed to get what you wanted! xx

  2. So many cute thingssss 😍😍 Your photography is slaying in this post, everything looks adorable! The little chick has to be my favourite, and the carrots too! I'm also not the biggest fan of Jasmine so I think I'd have to give the shower gel a miss! Thank you so much for sharing 💗

    Abbey ✨

    1. Oh thank you Abbey, I had such a nightmare taking these photos so that means a lot! The chick is adorable isn't it?! :) xx


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