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I ♥ Unicorn Born Jewellery!

Edited 02/04/19: Unfortunately, Unicorn Born has ceased trading. I'm very sad about it because the products are so lovely. I'm leaving this post up but removing the links. Follow Unicorn Born's creator, Fee on Twitter here to see what she gets up to next!

I'm not the kind of girl who spends lots of money on clothing. ASOS and Boohoo are websites I tend to visit only out of necessity. Clothing for me is just a hassle, but jewellery? Jewellery is the love of my life.

Everyone who knows me will know how much I love necklaces, in particular, so when my lovely friend Vee made me aware of Unicorn Born, I was like a moth to a flame. Unicorn Born is the brainchild of Fee Woodgate, who just so happens to be one of the sweetest people ever, as well as one talented, creative lady!

There's a huge selection of beautiful, handmade designs on Unicorn Born, and it honestly took me well over an hour to narrow down what I wanted in my first order. The range is incredibly varied and there is definitely something to suit every taste. 

One of the things I really love about Fee's designs is how many of them are customisable. A number of the products are hand stamped with initials (like my beautiful necklace below), there are many products with a number of colour options, and lots of the necklaces allow you to choose your chain length. 

Somehow, all of these amazing pieces come with a really affordable pricetag. In fact, when I eventually stopped adding things to my basket I was pleasantly surprised by the total. Shipping took no time at all and my jewellery arrived beautifully packaged. I am so in love with Unicorn Born, I can't wait to get more. But for now, let me show you what I got!

unicorn born small resin heart necklace resin moon necklace

One of the first things that caught my eye was this resin moon necklace (£6). It also comes in blue, but the black is so striking that I knew I had to have it. The chunks of glitter within give this the most stunning, holographic feel, and it's like there's a rainbow of colour trapped inside. I absolutely love this necklace, it's so unique and unusual, and I've had lots of compliments on it already.

Keeping with my glitter theme, I got this small resin heart necklace (£5) - in fact, I forgot to put this in my order but Fee very kindly sent me it anyway, she's an absolute sweetheart. I am so grateful because this is right up my alley. This pretty, glittery pendant just makes me so happy when I'm wearing it - it's so cute and is the perfect size for me. I really love this, thank you Fee!

unicorn born small crystal cord choker and blue crystal heart chain choker

Because I am apparently a magpie who can't resist shiny things, I also picked up this small crystal cord choker (£6). I think it's so beautiful. The Swarovski crystal reflects a kaleidoscope of colours but is also so dainty and subtle that you can wear it with a t-shirt to really bring your outfit up a notch. Mine is kind of yellow-y in colour, and I love it. It's going to be a staple for me this summer.

I'm almost reluctant to talk about this blue crystal heart chain choker (£7) because I believe I currently own the only one, and I kind of love that fact. However, if I stop being selfish, I know that lots of you would also adore this choker. The Swarovski crystal is stunning and reflects blue, green, yellow and pink depending on the light. There is a red version of this still available for anyone who loves it!

unicorn born heart initial chain necklace

This heart initial chain necklace (£7) is so far my most worn piece. I love how delicate and simple it is, and how you can wear it with anything. I was really tempted to get the double initial necklace, but seeing as my husband is called Blair I decided against wearing a necklace stamped with 'B&B' haha! You can also get this necklace on a cord, or there are similar circular styles too. 

Being a 90s child, I love mood rings (£2), so when I saw this I couldn't resist! I love the design of this, it's a little more interesting than any of the ones I've had before. This is also amazing if, like me, you have quite large fingers - it's super easy to adjust so it fits me perfectly. At the moment it's a rather fetching purple shade, probably because I'm about 400° right now. 

unicorn born zodiac cord choker

Lastly, I got this amazing zodiac cord choker (£5). I'm a stereotypical Scorpio - every description seems to match me perfectly - and I've always connected quite strongly with my zodiac sign. In fact, I used to want this exact symbol tattooed on me. Fee makes these gorgeous charms, but there's also a round pendant option if you'd prefer. I feel like I'm going to wear this on my sassiest days, as a warning or explanation haha!

unicorn born jewellery haul

I'm so in love with my jewellery from Unicorn Born, and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality, the price and the selection. I highly recommend you check the website out, as I'm certain there will be something there that you can't resist. 

What's your favourite piece from my haul? Have you found anything you love?


  1. Lovely jewellery! I'm in absolute love wth the moon necklace - good choice!!

    1. Isn't it beautiful? I can't get over the quality of all of the products! x

  2. I absolutely love Fee's jewellery as well, the quality is amazing! I was also really pleasantly surprised with the price tag, it's not often you can find stores with good quality for such a great price! I think the mood ring is one of my favourite pieces that you picked out - I was tempted to get that myself but I have really weird hands (fat knuckles with skinny fingers 😂) so finding rings to fit me is a nightmare! Thanks for sharing your haul with us, we are definitely in sync for posting about Unicorn Born on the same day!!

    Abbey 💕

    1. Unicorn Born's pieces are so beautiful, I love wearing them and I get so many compliments! The mood ring is gorgeous - the band is totally adjustable so you should try one! xx


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