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Glossybox July 2017.

So this is the latest I've ever done a beauty box post, mainly cause I just completely forgot. July was a weird old month and I got a bit sidetracked by 'real life' so whoops, soz. Also, my photos are atrocious so overall this is a shit-show of a post (really selling this aren't I?) but it felt weird to not post it. 

glossybox july 2017

So Glossybox's theme in July was, shockingly, all about summer holidays. These products are supposed to be travel-friendly, problem-solving and heat resistant. I honestly didn't have hugely high hopes about this lot, but the box was very cute. The benefit of being so late to writing this is that I've been using this stuff for weeks - how did I get on?

Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder, RRP £25 for 4g, full-size sample.

I've had quite a few Bellapierre products via beauty boxes, and although I do like them, they have always seemed quite 'affordable' for lack of a better word, so I was a bit surprised by the price of this. However, just like the Tangle Teezer in July's Birchbox, banana powder is a product I've just never picked up out of sheer laziness, so I was really excited to receive it. I've got to say, I was very impressed. It's very lightweight and soft, so you barely feel it on your skin. It also blends out perfectly, doesn't sink into the (many) creases under my eyes, and is a beautiful, flattering colour. I bloody love this, and I actually do think I'd shell out the £25 to repurchase it.

Spectrum Collections Small Fan (A10) Brush

Spectrum Collections Small Fan (A10) Brush, RRP £4.99, full-size sample.

Again, I've never actually purchased a Spectrum brush but I think this is the 3rd I've received via beauty boxes - I'm not mad about it! This is a beautiful fan brush, with good shape and really soft bristles. Glossybox suggests pairing this with the Bellapierre powder, but I've used this almost exclusively with the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette and I adore it. It's both gentle and very effective, which is my favourite combo. It feels really good quality for the price, and of course, I love the colourful design.

Monu Professional Skincare MONUspa Soothing Aftersun Lotion

Monu Professional Skincare MONUspa Soothing Aftersun Lotion, RRP £19.95 for 180ml, sample worth £11.08 (100ml).

I'll be honest, I've not really had the chance to fully test this, as although I burn within minutes, you kind of need sun for that to happen and living in Scotland, that's somewhat of a rarity. I've instead just given this a go on my dry, sensitive skin to see what it's capable of. It's a lightweight, non-greasy formula that sinks into the skin quickly. Even though I've not been exposed to much sun, I can actually feel this cooling my skin when I apply it, so I bet it's a dream if you have skipped a few factor-50 applications. It contains aloe vera for soothing, shea and cocoa butter to help hydrate and vitamin E to prevent skin ageing, as well as a gorgeous, fresh citrusy smell that I am obsessed with (it reminds me of Lush's Avobath). Overall this leaves my skin feeling much softer and happier, and I'm definitely packing it for my upcoming holiday.

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry

Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry, RRP £5.99, full-size sample.

I feel like tint balms are something I always accumulate without knowing where they come from. I don't seem to actively purchase any, but I have had at least one in my makeup collection for about 15 years straight. The packaging on this one is really cute, I love the little macaroon design. It's also very effective as a tint, which a lot of these products kind of fail at. This gives quite an intense colour payoff, which I really wasn't expecting. It's a pretty dark-pink colour that would look lovely on minimal makeup days - I use this with just some mascara and a bit of concealer. However, this doesn't feel at all like a balm to me. It's much drier than my usual lip balms, so it doesn't feel very hydrating at all. It's almost like wearing a matte liquid lipstick - I'd consider wearing a different balm on top, which is pretty inconvenient! 

Papanga Spiral Hairbands

Papanga Spiral Hairbands, RRP £4.99, full-size sample.

Wasn't at all interested in these at first glance, and was fully sceptical that they'd be painless and maintain any sort of grip in my thick, curly hair. However, I was very pleased to be proved wrong. These are lovely, they don't pull on my hair at all which even normal hairbands do. There's never any broken hairs when I remove them, and they seem to somehow keep their shape and strength regardless of the fact I have them holding back a mane of hair for hours at a time. The only small complaint I have is that I've always tended towards black hairbands, so a large pink plastic item in your hair is definitely more noticeable and not necessarily the sleekest look ever, but who cares when they work this well?!

Total Box Worth: £52.05
Total Box Price: £13.25 (£10 + £3.25 p&p)
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

glossybox july 2017

I was definitely more impressed with these items after a few uses than I was on my first inspection. The aftersun didn't look that useful but I love it so much I'd happily use it as a body lotion. The hairbands didn't grab my attention but I now wear one every day. The banana powder looked a little overpriced but now I'd probably sell my cats for more. What's that lesson about judging a book again...? Haha!

What did you make of July's Glossybox? What product would you be keen to try?

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