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Glossybox September 2017.

Glossybox UK September 2017

I didn't write any beauty box posts last month, because I was away on holiday. I actually missed it though. They may not be the most deep and meaningful entries on this little blog of mine, but I like getting a little surprise in the mail, getting to try new products, and giving my honest opinions on them. So they're back - and I'm really happy about it.

The theme this month was about new beginnings and welcoming in Autumn, my favourite of the seasons. The items in this box were meant to be 'fresh edits', hand picked to update your makeup and skincare routines. But will any of these products be making it onto my holy grail list?

Stylondon Siligel Blender - Clear

Stylondon Siligel Blender - Clear | RRP £5.99 | full-size sample.

So everyone and their mother was caught up in the hype around these a few months ago, but because I am incredibly lazy I didn't bother trying them. I just figured that nothing could come between me and my Beauty Blender, particularly not a scary looking piece of silicone. 
You are instructed to tap, roll and press the blender over your face, and after a few tries I think I've just about mastered the press-and-roll technique to stop this making your foundation appear slightly streaky. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much but this actually did leave my makeup looking fairly natural and not at all cakey. However I would say this felt like a lot more pressure on my skin than a Beauty Blender, and was a bit trickier to hold during use (I ended up with foundation all over my hands).
I wasn't really impressed by its ability to fit into any of the smaller areas, such as around my nose. They do suggest you use the edge (that hurt) or to fold the blender into a point, but this seems a bit pointless when compared with the inbuilt point of a sponge blender. However this is much easier to clean, so swings and roundabouts.
I liked this more than I expected, but I'm still not entirely convinced it's not just a gimmick. My Beauty Blender is safe - for now!

Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer

Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer | RRP £12 | full-size sample.

I have the worst eyebrows of anyone I know. The hairs are long, they have no shape, and they're patchy, so I need all the help I can get with them. I think you can understand why I was pretty pleased to see this within my box.
I've always liked Pixi products, and this is no exception. This gel is perfect for running through your brows after you've penciled in the gaps, keeping them in place throughout the day. I was worried they'd feel crunchy or gross like some of the coloured brow products I've used, but I honestly forgot I had anything on at all. I tend to use this just on its own if I'm having a simple makeup day, and it's perfect for making me look like I have my eyebrows under control (I don't). I didn't think that a clear product would be that useful for giving me shape but I was pretty impressed by this!

Monu Skincare MONU Firming Fiji Facial Oil

Monu Skincare MONU Firming Fiji Facial Oil | RRP £21.95 for 30ml, other sizes available | Sample is 30ml.

Another month, another confusing sample price. This is listed as not being a full-size sample but on the Monu website, this only comes in 30ml. However, from LookFantastic you seem to be able to order a 100ml version of this for £29.95. Neither of these are the RRP of £26 listed on the Glossybox leaflet. Basically, I have no idea how much a full version of this costs.
Anyway, I am a huge fan of facial oils. Recently I've really got into skincare - as I rapidly approach 30 - and I find them really nourishing for my very dry skin. And this, targeted at dry and sensitive skin, is a winner for me.
This oil has the benefit of being 'firming' too. It leaves my skin feeling slightly 'tighter' but not in an uncomfortable, drying way. In fact, my skin feels much softer and actually looks healthier. It has left my face looking clearer, reduced a lot of the horrible dry patches that come with the change in weather at this time of year, and my skin actually looks like it might even have a glow to it for once?!
I've also been using this all month and have loads left, so I'm really happy with it. Oh and it smells amazing!

Taylor's 32 Classic Mint Natural Whitening Toothpaste

Taylor's 32 Classic Mint Natural Whitening Toothpaste | RRP £5 | full-size sample.

I think it's the many years of downing Irn Bru, but my teeth are irreparably stained with a yellow tinge (I suppose it's better than orange). Nothing I try has helped - and I'll be straight up, this is no different. I haven't seen much difference to the colour of my teeth at all, but that doesn't mean this is a totally useless product.
I do like that this product is naturally based, with no SLS, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, petrochemicals, parabens or abrasives. It has vitamin E which is important for gum health. It's in the 'classic mint' flavour, a blend of peppermint and spearmint that is actually really unique, quite subtle and doesn't completely overpower your tastebuds. It actually tastes really natural and pleasant, and the minty-fresh sensation lasts ages. Most importantly, it left my teeth feeling extremely clean.
And the packaging is lovely too!

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream | RRP £12.99 | full-size sample.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty pissed off to see yet another hand cream this month. I know, it's getting colder, but my lord. Someone needs to tell beauty boxes that this is not an exciting or interesting product to receive.
That said, this is targeted at those with eczema and other skin conditions - which I do not have. It's therefore extremely rich and forms a barrier on the skin to protect it from any irritants. I love that it contains natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and sweet almond oil to help soothe dryness and itching, as well as locking in moisture. However, on my skin it just feels sticky and I ended up having to wash it off. I also prefer to have my hands smell nice if I've bothered putting hand cream on, but this is fragrance free for obvious reasons! I've tried it a few times and once it has eventually dried in it does make my hands feel soft, but I just think it's a bit much for me.

Kinder Bueno Classic

Kinder Bueno Classic

As added treats go, chocolate is always a good shout with me. I personally love Kinder Buenos and am eating this little babe as I type... oh no I've just realised I've finished it before I thought I had. Do you ever get that crushing sense of despair because you didn't savour the last bite enough? Dammit.

Total Box Worth: £57.93
Total Box Price: £13.25 (£10 + £3.25 p&p)
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Glossybox UK September 2017

Overall I am fairly pleased with the contents of the September Glossybox. I'll definitely get a lot of use out of the brow gel, toothpaste and particularly the facial oil, and sadly not enough use out of the Kinder Bueno (R.I.P.) Even the siligel blender will be something I use - albeit perhaps in conjuction with the smaller of my Ecotools sponges! The only real miss for me here is the hand cream, but ask me again in the dead of January...

What did you make of the products this month? Anything you rate or anything you hate?


  1. Looks like you've had a fairly good month of products here! I have been intrigued by the siligel blenders, I've heard some people raving about them so much! They do sound a bit messy as they don't absorb the product like the beauty blender, but being easier to clean can only be a positive! The Taylor's toothpaste sounds lovely, this sounds weird but you've described the flavour in such a nice way hahah! Can't complain about the Kinder Bueno either, they're my faves!

    Abbey 🏝

  2. The Kinder Beuno would have definitely been my personal favourite.. �� I’m a little sceptical about silicone blenders - I love the idea of being able to clean them quickly and easily, but have heard their blending abilities leave much to be desired! This seems like such a good box though, and definitely worth the price.. ��

    Andi |


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