Thursday, 2 November 2017

28 Things I Want To Do This Year.

Time is going past alarmingly quickly. Another birthday has been and gone, and I am now the grand old age of 28. There's something in my brain that makes that sound about 400 years older than 27, so that's fun. 

I really enjoyed Gwennan's recent birthday post where she listed 24 things she'd done in her 24th year and was going to shamelessly copy her do something similar, but upon reflection, I realised I hadn't spent my 27th year wisely, and couldn't find enough to talk about. So instead of crying over how boring being 27 was, I decided to use it as motivation to make 28 great. So without further ado, here are 28 things I want to achieve this year!

1. Actually, finally learn to drive. It's bordering on ridiculous now, and it means I have to spend about a decade on public transport if I want to go anywhere. I'm insured on my husband's car and have been for months, I really need to get myself together this year.

2. Spend at least a month saying 'yes'. My go-to response to any invites is always no. I panic, I freak myself out thinking about the worst-case scenario, and I prefer to just stay home. This year, I'm going to work really hard at changing this ingrained habit. I want to do more with my life but I can't do that if I say no to every opportunity that comes my way. 

3. Travel around the UK - alone. In about a month my husband is leaving to row the Atlantic (don't ask). As such, I'll be alone for around three months. The idea of spending that much time without anyone to talk to, just staring at my bedroom walls, kind of makes me want to cry. So I'm off on some travels by myself. I'm going to really push myself out of my comfort zone and see some new places. If worst comes to worst I can always just hide in a hotel room - but it's worth taking the chance.

4. Meet some of my favourite bloggers. I've been talking to some of these people for actual years now, it's probably about time I met them in person. Although this kind of gives me the fear because what if they don't like IRL me?! Regardless, this is something I really, really want to do - so hit me up if you're keen too haha!

5. Climb a Munro. 28 years in Scotland and I can barely make it up a hill. Time to get outdoors and see the country from the top of a bloody great mountain. 

6. Go to the Enchanted Forest. Every year I forget the tickets for this beautiful event with sounds and lights that transform a forest in Pitlochry go on sale in like April rather than October. Every year it is sold out before I remember.

7. Get that tattoo I've wanted for ages. My last name is Woods, so I really want a tree tattoo to symbolise it. I've been talking about getting it for ages, I've even found the artist I want, but I am so painfully lazy I haven't bothered yet. Definitely happening this year. 

8. Dye my hair a fun colour again. I promise I'm not just having a 'nearly 30' breakdown. I have wanted to do something fun with my hair for ages, but I keep thinking I'm too old to pull it off. Funnily enough, the older I get, the more I realise there's no such thing.

9. Go stargazing. One of my favourite things about going on mini-adventures with Blair is that we always end up under the most beautiful skies. There's nothing quite like gazing up into the universe and realising how tiny and completely irrelevant you are (in a good way). I'd love to go to the Dark Sky Park in Galloway Forest Park and see the sky with basically no light pollution. Not sure there are many better views than a sky absolutely jammed full of stars.

10. Learn to cook - and enjoy doing so. Confession: my husband does basically all the cooking in our house. I'm just awful at it, and I don't enjoy doing things I'm not good at. It's time to become an actual adult and learn how to do the cooking so that I have something to offer in this relationship.

11. Go to a spa. I've only been to a spa once, and although it was glorious it wasn't the white-robes-and-slippers experience I dream of. I would love to go somewhere fancy and really relax - because my life is clearly oh-so-stressful *eye rolling emoji*.

12. Get into a proper blogging routine. I feel at my best when I'm being productive on this little corner of the internet. I didn't realise quite how lovely it would feel to have people connect to something I'd written, but I haven't really spent enough time on it lately and I think that shows in the quality. I'd like to get things organised and be proud of what I put out there.

13. Volunteer again. I used to spend upwards of 20 hours a week volunteering, and I do miss it. I would really like to feel like my existence had some sort of benefit for other people too.

14. Much more camping. I really love camping. I love waking up in the wilderness (sounds a bit odd) and properly getting away from the noise and claustrophobia of always being surrounded by people. Especially now that we've bought a bloody huge tent, I'd like to just go on some random camping trips this year.

15. Go on another island adventure with my friends. It has been far too long since I went on my last island trip with my friendlings. We had such a good time and it was just the most beautiful place. Scotland has so many islands to visit, I'd love to get to one or two this year!

16. Visit my family. A lot of my family live in England, and I don't get to see them nearly enough. My cousin had a baby this summer and I would love to go meet her - plus they live in the Peak District so what exactly am I waiting for? I'd love to go catch up with them all this year instead of letting another year of not enough contact go by. 

17. Sleep in a treehouse. I'll be honest with you, this is purely just cause it looks cool. There are a few places in Scotland where you can do this - anyone fancy coming with me? 

18. Learn a language. Every time I meet someone who can speak more than one language I feel like an uncultured swine. I also love languages, so why have I put this off for so long? Get your shit together Woods (although I'm not sure I'll ever feel brave enough to actually speak another language out loud).

19. Conquer my fear of heights. I feel a bit sick even thinking about this, but it's time. While on my honeymoon in Switzerland I managed to ascend to the top of the Schilthorn via a series of cable cars, so climbing up some tall buildings should be a breeze, right? Well, probably not. I'd still like to make it to the top of the Blackpool Tower or something similar!

20. Get a dog. Just want one, really. 

21. Stand under a waterfall. I'm not entirely sure that I'll find somewhere in Scotland where this can happen without me getting hypothermia, but it just looks so fun that I'm willing to risk it. 

22. Do something educational. I want to get my Masters! I missed the application deadline for the Open University this year - maybe I'll get my act together and get an application in this year.

23. Stop eating meat. I hate that I still do this, I need to take responsibility for myself and stop. Veggie food is almost always tastier anyway!

24. Stay in a castle. I'm a princess and I deserve to be treated that way. I want to wake up in a four poster bed in a beautiful castle. Although I kind of also want to stay in a haunted castle, so not sure which I'll opt for.

25. Explore more. I recently realised I rarely talk about Edinburgh on here, even though I've lived there for decades. I need to spend some more time exploring my hometown and finding all the hidden gems. I also quite like the idea of just throwing a dart at a map of Scotland and going there. Every place has some sort of attraction, surely?!

26. Sort my sleep out. I am approaching 30 and I still have the sleeping pattern of a student. I stay up all night, sleep approximately four hours at a time, and get sleep paralysis constantly. I need to get into a proper sleeping routine this year so that I don't die of sleep deprivation.

27. Find a form of exercise I enjoy. I don't move enough, probably cause I'm always tired (not true, I'm just lazy as all hell). Walking bores me, most cardio makes my face feel like it might explode from overheating - I need to find something that I enjoy doing and do A LOT of it haha.

28. Document the whole year. I want to take a photo of every day, and combine them into some sort of scrapbook, either online or physically. I want to see a highlight of every day so I stop feeling like I've wasted them. I am naturally pessimistic but I want to 'train' myself to look on the bright side sometimes. It's not all doom and gloom.

What kind of things do you want to achieve over the next year of your life?


  1. WHAT BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS YOU'VE GOT HERE heheh 😏 It sounds like you have some seriously positive and motivating goals here, especially doing your UK travelling and meeting your internet family in real life - I can't wait to take you round to see good old Ricky 3 here in Leicester! Finding a form of exercise that I enjoy is hard too - I hate being sweaty (ewww) so swimming is my number one choice! I've recently got back into it and I love it! Big yes to dying your hair a fun colour too! And I can teach you to cook amazing veggie food if I do say so myself! 😜

    Abbey 💓

  2. Beth, this is such a wonderful post, I'm in awe of what you've got planned! First off, I'd love to meet up IRL if your travels bring you as far south as Bath? Three months is a long time, I don't envy you that but if you did get a dog he/she would be company and exercise, win win! I wish you all the best with your 28 point plan, it's inspirational xx

    Lisa |

  3. I bloody love this post! I'd much rather travel around the UK with you than row the Atlantic! But when your husband is away torturing himself, that'll give you a great chance to tackle loads of these things! You should definitely get a dog - I'd highly recommend haha. This is definitely going to get me thinking about some stuff I want to do. Like you with 27/28, I turned 25 in September and all of a sudden I feel OLD and every now and again I'll think "shit I'm 25" which never happened when I was 24. Age is funny isn't it?


  4. What a lovely idea, to look forward on the year ahead and make plans for things you want to do/see/achieve. Looking forward to seeing some of it on your blog!

  5. This was such a lovely post to read. And it reminded me how much I wish I lived in Scotland! I love your list, it's quite inspired me actually.

  6. I loved the post that Gwennan wrote about her 24th year too! I really hope you manage to achieve loads of these - I think it's helpful to get them all written out so you can come back to look at them. Also, Happy birthday!!

    Steph -

  7. Sounds like the makings for a hell of a year! And as for the hair thing - you're right. No such thing as too old! I'm 31 next May, and I'm thinking I'll finally do a full head of purple to mark the occassion! 😂

  8. We definitely share a few goals, especially meeting more blogger friends and travelling around a bit more. This is such a fab post and a great way to reflect on what we want to achieve next :) x x
    Ellis //


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