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Lush Christmas 2017 + Kitchen Exclusives Haul.

lush christmas 2017

I'm a Lush-lover at the best of times, but recently I've gone a little bit OTT. I'd like to say I feel guilty, but I don't really - I don't really buy clothes or makeup on a regular basis, it's winter so I'm taking a lot of baths, and my husband's disappeared for three months and left me with the credit card. Serves him right really...

Lush's Christmas collection is usually my favourite, and this year was no different. My four favourite Lush scents are Calacas, Lord of Misrule, So White and Celebrate - and between the Kitchen exclusives and the main collection, I managed to get my hands on something in all of them. Delighted! 

Let's start with the Christmassy stuff (there may be some left in-store, I'm not even going to get into the lack of online sale this year...!)

lush christmas 2017 naked shower gels

Naked Shower Gels

One of the things I love about Lush is the innovation. The fact that they've come out with a whole line of plastic-free shower gels was very impressive to me, and as I am a shower gel fiend I had to get the lot (please don't judge me too harshly). So what are they like?
  • Berry Berry Christmas - This really is all about the berries: cranberry and blueberry, with some orange and bergamot oils. It's fruity and fresh, and I really like it. It's also very pretty, with a hint of glitter.
  • Twilight - the ever-popular lavender and tonka scent. Relaxing, calming and perfect to help send you off to sleep when you're too excited for Santa coming.
  • Santa's Christmas - Technically this is a shower cream so is a bit thicker and more moisturising than the gels. This has a really unusual scent. It contains coffee but I can't detect that (thankfully). Instead, it smells like an odd blend of lime and vanilla, with a hint of spice from the cinnamon. It's pleasant, but not what I expected: I'd thought this would be very spicy, Christmassy scent.
  • Rose Jam - one of my favourite things about Christmas at Lush! This is a gorgeous, sweet rose scent that makes me believe I actually like florals.
  • Snow Fairy - the classic bubblegum and candy scent. This is the iconic Lush Christmas scent and I had to try the naked version!
  • Bubbly - that gorgeous Celebrate fragrance that I mentioned earlier. It's a blend of cognac, orange and lime oils, and it is heavenly. 
I'm really excited to give these a whirl - I've heard mixed reviews but if the worst comes to worst I'm sure these would work as bubble bars!

lush christmas 2017 naked conditioners

Naked Body Conditioners

The body conditioners are something I've enjoyed since I first tried Christingle in 2015. When I worked in Lush I found people were a little confused about how to use the liquid version of this - they assumed it was a straight body lotion. Instead, what you are supposed to do is whack them on towards the end of your shower, give yourself a rinse and then step out and rub in the excess. You should find that your skin feels extra hydrated, eliminating the need for a lotion afterwards. The scents I got were:
  • Snow Fairy - Lush has gone hard with the different varieties of product that this scent comes in this year, and I'm not mad about it. Also, can you tell this is the one I used before remembering I hadn't taken photos? Hahaha.
  • Christingle - a gorgeous, exhilarating peppermint and spearmint concoction. Guaranteed to wake up your senses and leave your body tingling.
  • Buck's Fizz - The body conditioner version of the Bubbly shower gel. I'm going to layer up all these gorgeous Celebrate scents and walk around smelling of cocktails.
The odd one out in this line-up is the body lotion. I hope I don't need to tell anyone how to apply a body lotion, haha!
  • Once Upon a Time - I fully expected this to be along the lines of Grass or Tramp scented (got to stop thinking that because something is green it'll be earthy) but this is actually a really nice apple scent, with a tiny hint of grapefruit and lime.  

lush christmas 2017 soap
lush christmas 2017 soap


I don't usually tend to get soaps as I'm not entirely in love with some of the formulas, but this year there were too many fruity combinations for me to ignore. I cannot resist a citrus fruit, sorry 'bout it.
  • Snowcloud - I'm annoyed you can't see it in the photo but this has gorgeous blush pink and blue colours in it. It has orange blossom and neroli in it so I thought this was going to be divine. I'll be honest though, it's not what I expected at all. On the first sniff, this is much more earthy and woody than I'd imagined. It isn't my favourite, but it's fairly inoffensive.
  • Christmas Rocker - another one I have to admit has a scent that disappoints me. In fact, I actually think this smells vile. I really wanted to love this as it has mandarin and tangerine oils, alongside apricot and bergamot, but honestly, this smells like mould. Like something has gone off. Like a damp, grim bathroom. I've heard it's not too bad if you use it in the shower and that after the first use it gets better, but I don't know when I'll pluck up the courage to try it.
  • Christmas Citrus - THANK GOD, one that says it's citrusy and actually is! A safe bet with lime, lemon and bergamot, this is very tart and zesty and I love it.
  • Shooting Stars - another lemon and lime number, this is a bit sweeter - more like a sweetie than the pure, freshly squeezed lime juice of Christmas Citrus. It's also a really pretty soap with a tiny dusting of glitter.
  • Baked Alaska - my favourite Lush soap, hands down. It's a strong mix of grapefruit and lemon myrtle that reminds me a lot of the Avobath bath bomb. It's beautiful, with a gorgeous mix of bright colours. Just the nicest soap ever.

lush christmas 2017 bath bombs

Returning Christmas Bath Bombs

I won't talk too much about these as you can find my thoughts on the post I did last Christmas, but as a quick overview:
  • Never Mind The Ballistics - half bath bomb, half bath melt with a super-sweet banana fragrance.
  • Butterbear - cute bear-shaped version of the Butterball bath bomb, packed full of cocoa butter to soothe the skin, and has a delightful vanilla and cocoa powder scent.
  • Shoot for the Stars - caramel-honey scent with golden stars made of cocoa butter - doubling as mini bath melts.
  • Snow Angel Bath Melt - technically half melt, half bath bomb, covered in glitter and boasting a marzipan aroma - perfect if you need something to moisturise your skin with.
  • Luxury Lush Pud - a psychedelically coloured bath experience, with a lavender scent to help you relax.
  • Golden Wonder - my favourite ever bath bomb. Celebrate scented (do you see a theme here?) and the most amazing bathing experience - confetti stars, glitter and mini bath bombs await.

lush christmas 2017 bubble bars

Returning Christmas Bubble Bars

  • The Magic of Christmas - a reusable bubble bar on the end of a cinnamon stick. This is full of star anise, cloves, sweet orange and cinnamon (obv) to give the most Christmassy scent possible.
  • Candy Mountain - a sugary-sweet vanilla fragrance that produces mountains (get it?) of bubbles.
  • Magic Wand - in the very popular Snow Fairy scent, this candy and bubblegum aroma makes this wand perfect for kids and big kids alike.

lush christmas 2017 bath bombs

New Christmas Bath Bombs

Four new beauties for me to try out, how exciting...
  • Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb - again, the same sweet scent, but with added jelly. These new jelly bombs that Lush have brought out are very unusual but definitely worth a shot!
  • Christmas Sweater - This would work really well with the Magic of Christmas bubble bar, as it has a musky, spicy scent that reminds me of Christmas baking. As you might be able to tell, I'm more about the fruity scents than the spicy, but this isn't too overpowering. It contains clove, coriander and mustard with a hint of lemon oil to take the edge off. I'm sure this would be lovely on a freezing cold night, or to soothe aching muscles.
  • Sherbet Dip - I am so confused by this and it's inclusion in the Christmas collection. It looks and smells exactly like the sweets of the same name, with a bright and zesty citrus scent. I like it a lot but I'm very unclear how it fits into a festive theme?
  • Thundersnow - this bomb is beautiful to look at, so much so that I couldn't resist picking it up at the Lush Bloggers Event I attended. It reminds me of an ice storm (is that a thing?) and has the most delicious peppermint and cocoa scent. I honestly wanted to eat this... help me.

lush christmas 2017 giant golden wonder
lush christmas 2017 giant golden wonder

I should probably also mention this GIGANTIC Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb I picked up. As I said, this is my favourite bath bomb ever so seeing this on the website was like a red rag to a bull - I bloody charged at it. It's massive and I'm a little scared to put this in my bath, but when I do I'll be in there for at least 12 hours.

lush christmas 2017 bubble bars
lush christmas 2017 bubble bars
lush christmas 2017 snowman bubbleroon

New Christmas Bubble Bars

There's a much more interesting selection of new bubble bars than bath bombs, in my opinion:
  • My Two Front Teeth - this design made me laugh. It's an unusual take on Christmas but I love that it's still recognisably festive. This also smells gorgeous. It's the same scent as the new Think Pink bath bomb, but to me, this version almost smells fizzy. It's very sweet and contains lavender, tonka, vanilla and neroli. I can imagine this turns the water a gorgeous colour too.
  • Christmas Eve - I know I said this was 'new' products, but Christmas Eve isn't new - it's just back in yet another form. This one is quite small and compact, unlike the much thinner and wider varieties of before. The scent is exactly how I remember though - full of jasmine and ylang ylang for a rich, floral aroma. I am most definitely using this the night before Christmas!
  • Man in the Moon - remember I mentioned my four favourite Lush scents? Well, there's one that secretly pips the other three to the post, and this bubble bar is in that very scent. The Calacas fragrance is a gorgeous, zesty lime and neroli scent, basically like green gummy sweets. It's absolutely delicious, and I was so excited to find that Lush had brought this scent out into stores as opposed to only getting my hands on it through Kitchen exclusives (more on that later). It's also one of my favourite bubble bars to look at, although perhaps not the most festive.
  • Plum Snow - this is bloody huge. For a bubble bar, this is a biggy. It also, for some reason, smells a bit like Christmas trees to me which makes no sense. I'm sure to most it's more like plums, and I do detect a bit of fruitiness, but I honestly haven't sniffed enough plums (ooer) to know.
  • Christmas Cracker - another very citrusy fragrance - not that I'm complaining, I'm just not sure how Christmassy it is. This is full of lemon oil and lemon myrtle, and has popping candy within it to make your bath extra special.
  • Snowman Bubbleroon - bubbleroons feature two halves of bubble bars 'glued' together with a moisturising cream made of shea and cocoa butters. This one is absolutely adorable, with juniperberry eyes and a tiny carrot nose. This is a really gentle scent, with a milkiness to it from the soya milk powder. There's a hint of lemon but it's very subtle. I bet this will be incredible for weather-beaten skin.

lush christmas 2017 bath oils melts
lush christmas 2017 bath oils melts

Christmas Bath Melts/Oils

I love a bath melt, they are absolutely ideal in the winter time when your skin has taken a beating from the cold and the wind. 
  • Tree-d Bath Oil - this is made up of interlocking segments like the Two Hearts Beating as One melt from the Valentine's collection. This has a very fruity scent from the tangerine and grapefruit oils. It also has a hint of a chocolate-orange scent, probably from the tangerine combining with the cocoa butter base. I think this design is gorgeous and quirky, one of my favourites from this collection.
  • Star Light Star Bright - I've tried this a few times in the past and I adore this. It's incredibly glittery (clearly) but it's also so moisturising and hydrating. This year the interior of the melt has a colourful surprise which I absolutely adore. Despite containing ginger (one of my least favourite scents), this is very subtle, with a hint of lavender and some citrus to it. I definitely think this is the perfect calming melt for before bed.

lush christmas 2017 salt and peppermint bark butterbear wash card
lush christmas 2017 snowman shower jelly
lush christmas 2017 santas belly shower jelly
lush christmas 2017 snow fairy fun

Other Christmas Items

I also picked up a few other items, almost all of which are firm favourites for me.
  • Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub - I first got this in a staff box when I worked at Lush, and I fell in love. It has a strong peppermint scent, and is made of sea salt to give a great exfoliation and cocoa and cupuacu butters to hydrate and soften. This honestly works a treat and it's criminal how overlooked it can be.
  • Butterbear Wash Sheet - this dinky, adorable washcard is so cute! To use, you tear a piece off, add some water and lather all over. I can't bear to rip this guy up yet, but he does have that lovely soft vanilla and cocoa scent of the bath bomb.
  • Snowman Shower Jelly - I am a complete child and I love shower jellies. This one is in the shape of a snowman and smells fresh and sweet with bergamot, buchu and lemon - and a carrot infusion. Jellies are really soft on the skin and leave me feeling very hydrated.
  • Santa's Belly Shower Jelly - again with one of those 'famous four' favourite scents. The Santa's Belly Jelly has the So White scent, a crisp green apple fragrance that makes my mouth water. This also has star anise, grape and bergamot - it's beautiful.
  • Snow Fairy Fun - honestly, my whole house reeks of this scent but I'm not mad about it. I love the versatility of Fun - you can wash your hair with it, use it for bubbles or clean your body with it. I happen to love clouds of candy-fragranced hair, so that's probably what I'll use it for.

Kitchen Exclusives

The Lush Kitchen has changed. It used to be a daily menu with very limited quantities, but now they are making exclusives in bigger batches sporadically. The last couple of 'menus' have been unreal, I'm so pleased with everything I got!

lush christmas 2017 body sprays lord of misrule so white

The Lord of Misrule and So White Body Sprays are like a dream come true. I already own the Lord of Misrule perfume but I'd happily bathe in this stuff so the more the merrier. If you weren't aware, Lord of Misrule is a patchouli, black pepper and vanilla blend - a spicy and earthy scent that I can't get enough of. Then there's the crisp apple scent of So White. Actually, these mixed together are heavenly - the sweetness of the apple really complements the spiciness of the patchouli and pepper. I love these so much.

lush christmas 2017 so white body spray bath bomb shower gel

Alongside the body spray, I managed to grab a So White bath bomb and a So White shower gel. I love the shower gel so much so to have a back up is great.

lush christmas 2017 hot toddy shower gel jingle spells bath bomb
lush christmas 2017 hot toddy shower gel jingle spells bath bomb

I also grabbed a Hot Toddy shower gel and two of the Jingle Spells bath bombs. These are both very warming, spicy scents, particularly the shower gel which is full of ginger, clove leaf and patchouli. I shouldn't like this but I really do, it's absolutely perfect for this time of year. The bath bombs I've tried in the past as part of the Halloween range, and it's a fruity and aromatic beauty. It has juniperberry, fennel and ylang ylang. The little gold stars are so cute in the bath.

lush christmas 2017 calacas shower gel
lush christmas 2017 calacas shower gel calavera bath bomb

Now, the big one... my favourite ever scent came back out in shower gel form! Calacas is amazing, that lime and neroli combo never fails to make my day. It's so uplifting and refreshing, although it really does make me want to eat jelly sweets. I also got a few of the Calavera bath bombs as they share the same scent, and I'm missing the Monsters' Ball bombs from Halloween so much!

So that's my absolutely outrageous Lush haul, I am now on a spending ban for the rest of my life but it was worth it. Did you pick up anything from the range? Or is there anything here you like the sound of? Let me know!

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