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Photowall Canvas Print Review.*

photowall canvas art wall review

Something I always notice when I go to other people's houses is that they invariably have photographs of themselves or their loved ones displayed. Both mine and my husband's parents particularly have collages of photos or framed shots all over the shop. It's a bit strange, then, that this hasn't been something we've continued in our own home.

In fact, the more I thought about it the weirder it actually became. We've been together for nine years, and we have very few photos of the two of us together. We've also been married for two and a half years, and yet we don't have a single wedding picture displayed - we don't even have a physical photo album of it. 

So when Photowall offered me the opportunity to review one of their canvas prints, it felt like the perfect opportunity to get a little bit more personal.

Photowall is a Swedish company that specialises in wall murals and canvas prints. You can select and purchase stunning images and designs from their extensive collection, or you can upload and use your own photos or artwork. I obviously decided to go for a personalised image for my canvas, and the process of uploading, customising and selecting the correct dimensions for the image was so straightforward and easy to do. If you do require help though, the site gives you the option of personal assistance. I thought this was a really classy touch, and helps reduce the risk of ordering incorrectly! I also really loved that the website auto-updates the price depending on your selected dimensions - making sure there are no nasty surprises at the checkout.

photowall canvas art wall review

I picked one of my favourite photos of Blair and I that was taken at our engagement photo shoot. We were both so awkward and ill-at-ease with having someone taking our photos, but this photo has always made me happy. I loved the idea of having it somewhere in our house where I could look at it daily. I also chose dimensions of 80 x 60cm as I didn't want it to be too big but I wanted it to be a nice feature on a wall.

You can purchase the canvas either by itself or with the do-it-yourself frame. I would highly recommend that you purchase the frame! It is custom-cut to fit your image dimensions, and let's be honest, without a wooden frame a roll of canvas isn't going to be too useful is it?

photowall canvas art wall review

My order arrived really quickly in a long cardboard package. I was a little overwhelmed by the size and thought that perhaps I'd been a bit ambitious thinking I could essentially make my own frame, but the process was honestly so easy - and fun!

photowall canvas art wall review

Upon opening the box I was confronted by the wooden frame, screws, an instruction leaflet and the canvas itself. I have to say that I was honestly blown away by the quality of the canvas. The photo had (obviously) been blown up considerably but there was no loss of picture quality whatsoever. In fact, I saw that there's a man in the background of the photo who I'd never noticed before! How's that for detail, haha!

photowall canvas art wall review

Now for the fun part - putting it together. Luckily everything you require is already in the package, so no need to run off in search of a screwdriver! All you need to do is to lie the canvas face down and press the pre-taped wooden sections onto the sides of the image, leaving a little space at the ends in order to fold up the corners. Once the wood is in place, you fold the four pieces inwards so that they meet at the corners and form the frame.

photowall canvas art wall review

Once you've done that, all you need to do is secure the wood using the metal brackets and hand-screws that are included. I'd suggest that you don't try and fully tighten them all as you go otherwise the last two or three are really hard to get in! Instead, try screwing them all in half-way and then go back and tighten afterwards.

photowall canvas art wall review

And that's it! A personalised, custom-made canvas with its own frame. I'm honestly delighted with it. I haven't quite decided where to put it yet - we're currently in rented property and I'm unable to make (too many) holes in the walls. I'm not sure it quite goes with our (ugly) wallpaper in the living room - but wherever it ends up living, it will make me smile every day - especially knowing that I 'built' it myself! It's so nice to have one of my favourite photos of us proudly on display, especially while Blair is away.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Photowall in the future - their service, delivery and products are all amazing. I'll definitely be looking into some of their wall murals if/when I ever own my own house! 

If you'd like to try out Photowall for yourself, they've offered me a discount code to share with you - just input adventureandanxietycampaign at the checkout before the 31st January 2018 to get a 20% discount on your order! Their products would be a perfect way to spruce up your home for the New Year, or even to give as a truly unique gift!

Massive thank you to Photowall for working with me and gifting me my canvas; I genuinely love it and it makes me so happy!
*I was gifted this product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Hooray for finally getting a photo of you and Blair up on display! It’s such a gorgeous shot with the tree framing the pair of you - I’m sure that this new addition to your living room will put a big smile on his face when he gets home and sees it! The canvas really is such great quality, the process of putting a frame together does sound daunting at first but Photowall seem to have made it really straightforward! It adds an extra feeling of pride knowing you’ve assembled it yourself!

    Abbey 💜 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. Love this! What a fantastic photo of the both of you. Something you can treasure forever, and also point out the man in the background! Good job on making up the frame too, your a handy woman indeed!


  3. As I was reading this post all I could think of was why don't I have any photos as beautiful as yours! You say you felt awkward but it really doesn't show, it's the most gorgeous picture of the two of you and it'll be a wonderful surprise when Blair comes home. I'm so intrigued by Photowall, I haven't heard of them before but they look like something really special. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely canvas, I shall head over to their site and have a look around now. XX

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  4. Wow brilliant post! I know my granddad used to go up to the lake district on photo taking ventures and come back with canvases similar to this. Keep up the great work!

    Love Penny x

  5. I'm the same with having no photos up in my house! I'm always so impressed at other people who have walls full of photos. It's just not something my family ever did!
    What a beautiful photo too :)
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3


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