Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Year Ahead.

I am very grateful to Past Me for starting this little blog so close to the beginning of the year. It means that today, on my second blogging anniversary, I can look forward to another year of blogging with almost an entire calendar year ahead too. There's something oddly satisfying about that.

There's a lot I want to achieve this year, both blog-related and life-related. Last year I made resolutions. Predictably, I didn't stick to any of them and I didn't even think about most of them after around a week. I've realised that I will never stick to any self-imposed rule, as I find I am far too lenient with myself at times. I'll quietly whisper to myself, "Well we could order a pizza just this once..." and before I know it I'm surrounded by empty Domino's boxes and haven't seen a vegetable in a month. 

But I'll be honest, I still love setting goals. Goals is a much nicer word than resolution isn't it? A little bit more flexible, much less restrictive. A goal feels like something you can always work towards but a resolution feels like something that once you break, it's broken. So goals it is. 

Worry About Yourself

All too often I find myself confronted with a Tweet about how someone who has been blogging for 3 weeks already has half a million page views, and I wonder what the point is. I know full well that my content is hardly seen by anyone but I do get something out of it regardless. Of course, I'd like more people to enjoy my blog but if they don't, oh well. The goal is to stop worrying about how everyone else is doing and start concentrating more on what I can do to improve.

Create More

A huge part of trying to improve would be to actually create more content. The past two years I've written exactly 73 posts each, and I find my blog has become way too inconsistent and poor quality to really draw in any proper readers. I definitely want to write more, take more photos, work harder on my editing and refining a post until I'm 100% happy with it. I want to have a consistent schedule that I keep up to date with. Creating a blog post, even if it's unread by anyone else, makes me feel like I've accomplished something. It makes me feel good and improves my feeling of self-worth - I need to do it more often. 

Stop Filtering

I think a large part of why I haven't done it more often is because I have felt very unsure of what to post. I've worried that people don't enjoy the kind of things I want to write: the visits to historic buildings, the long personal posts, or the ramblings about books. I've felt like I can't really talk about what I'd like to because it's not 'professional' (as if there are companies banging on the door to work with me!) or it's boring. This year, sorry lads, I don't care. If I want to write about a castle, I will. If I want to rant about my life, I will. This year I want my blog to reflect all the different aspects of my life.

Engage More

I've been very lucky in that I've met some really lovely people through blogging. I have a group of girls I speak to on a daily basis and I honestly feel so lucky to have in my life. There is a huge community of people on Twitter who make me laugh out loud, have my back if I need support, and constantly inspire me. In 2018 I want to spend much more time engaging with their content: reading and commenting on their blogs, actively seeking out their Instagram pics so I can make sure I like them all, and retweet their promo posts on Twitter. Perhaps I'll even feature a few of my faves on here. Bloggers work incredibly hard for very little reward - the least I can do is show a little support.

Explore More

I have mentioned before that I rarely, if ever, blog about my home city of Edinburgh. I think it's because I've spent too much time there - everything is so familiar to me that it doesn't seem worth mentioning. This year, I'm going to make a point to find some hidden gems. I want to view my city with a stranger's eyes and find things that I've never seen before. I'm kind of excited by the prospect of falling back in love with my hometown.

Those are my big, main blogging goals this year. Of course, I have a few other little goals such as:
  • Hit some social media goals.
  • Hit some page view goals.
  • Get off my arse and get some exercise.
  • Try to stop drinking so much of my beloved Irn Bru (they're reducing the sugar anyway so what's the point? Haha!)
  • No meat (my one 'rule' - 4 days in and it's going well!)
  • Make better, more sustainable lifestyle choices.
  • Climbbbbb evvverrry mountaaaain (well not all of them, but a couple this year would be a good start!)
  • Make more time for reading. I read 54 books last year and the difference it made to my mental health to take some time away from social media was astounding.
  • To actually try and stick to a skincare routine. Taking a little bit of time to look after myself makes me feel so much more human and I deserve a little bit of pampering now and again!

I hope that with a more relaxed approach I'll be able to come back next year and tell you I've worked on all of these. Maybe I won't have 'completed' them but even baby steps forward is progress. While I'm here I'd just like to thank you for reading my blog, whether this is the first post you've seen or if you've followed me for a while. I've met amazing people, got some great opportunities, and just generally had a ball while blogging over the past two years. Thank you so much for your support - and here's to the next year!


  1. Any progress is good progress! I'm with you on the being a little easier on ourselves, and working towards eventual goals as opposed to hard set resolutions. Happy New Year, and I look forward to what's to come on Adventure and Anxiety!

  2. Totally agree with what you're saying about engaging with people more - it's something I've decided I need to do more of as well. I RT a lot of posts but I want to plan in time to actually sit and read posts and comment properly as well.

    Sounds like you've got some good goals there, and I hope you can reach them and find support if you need to! Really looking forward to reading your stuff this year :) and who doesn't love a castle?! x

  3. Hi Beth, Happy 2nd blog birthday!
    First of all I love the blogging stationery in your photographers! Where did you find these?
    Secondly your so lucky to live in Edinburgh. I've never visited myself as I'm from the other end of the country, but it does look so magical and beautiful.
    Thirdly, it's great to find another book lover like myself. 54 books in one year is a lot! What sort of books do you like?
    Such a lovely blog. All the best for 2018! xx

  4. ALL OF THE CASTLES PLZ! I also worry quite a lot of the time about whether the content that I really want to write (like visits to galleries and my PhD work) will actually be interesting to anyone else, so perhaps like you I just need to say “screw it!” and write it anyway! After all, our blogs should be primarily for ourselves and our own enjoyment, since they’re our hobbies, right? I’m sure that you’re going to do brilliantly with all of your goals - cheering you on every step of the way!

    Abbey 💓

  5. Do social media goals really matter? Do page view goals really matter? Metrics aren't why writers write. But read, yes. Always read.

  6. It's frustrating when new bloggers seem to hit the big page views right away. In reality most bloggers are never going to get loads of views. I don't even check my page views anymore. Unless you have the time to work on them then I don't see the point. I can't spend as much time working on my blog as I used to so I just have to deal with it!

    Corinne x /

  7. Engaging with people more is also one of my goals! Also, I love reading about castles so definitely post about those ;) It's so hard to not fall into that comparison game, especially with bloggers talking about how many views they get all the time but one of my mottos is "Good for her, not for me". I'm trying to focus on myself and beating my own milestones instead of others'. Hopefully it works out! Happy new year!

  8. I really really loved this post and it made so much sense to me! I'm with you on these goals so much! Good luck with them girl!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Mental Health Blog


  9. This is so great. I love these goals!!


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