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Believe In Happy - with Funky Pigeon!*

Dealing with poor mental health or mental illness can feel incredibly lonely. While you might rationally know that people care, it can feel as if you are totally alone, with no one to talk to or reach out to. As today is the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share how are helping to combat this feeling of isolation with their #BelieveInHappy range.

Something we are constantly told when we are struggling with our mental health is that we should talk to other people - just open up and share how we are feeling. While I do believe this is incredibly important, it can be really hard to do when your brain is telling you no one cares. Luckily, there are ways that all of us can help each other. Checking in with those you love is such a small, simple thing that can have such a big impact - giving people an opportunity to open up and showing them that you are there to listen could really help.

That act is what the #BelieveInHappy range is based around. The products that Funky Pigeon, and in particular their designer Amy Steele, have created are notable for their beautiful designs, encouraging slogans and supportive messages. They are perfect for letting a friend or family member know that you care and that you are there for them. Alongside this, the range is in aid of one of my favourite mental health resources, Mind. 30% of the net sales go to this charity, meaning that a purchase from this range benefits not just the receiver of your kind gift, but other people throughout the UK who are struggling with their mental health too.

Something I love about this whole campaign is how personal it is. Designer Amy Steele has been incredibly open with her own experience of post-natal depression, which is what lead her to create this range. As someone who has struggled with mental illness and work for years, I find Funky Pigeon's support of Amy and the fact that they are completely behind this cause so encouraging. I've worked in places where even mentioning mental illness was a complete no-no, so for a well-known company to be willing to actually get involved with changing perceptions and attitudes is amazing.

Funky Pigeon sent me some of their range so I could share it with you all. I don't even know where to start as I blooming love it all!

Cards and Affirmation Cards

There are two main designs for the card range - the super colourful, bright and bold range, and the pretty, delicate watercolour design. They are both gorgeous and I'd be delighted to receive either. The cards have encouraging, positive phrases on. They are also able to be personalised which a lovely touch. 

The affirmation cards come in packs of 10, are A6 sized, and are some of my favourite things in the range. I have a wire wall grid on my desk, and these are pinned up next to where I'm currently typing. I personally love these kinds of cards, they are motivating and always put me in a better mood (plus they look great). These would make a great gift but are also something I'd definitely treat myself to.

Wellbeing Gifts

The Happy Journal was one of the first things I spotted upon opening this parcel - the stationery hoarder in me is never happier than when I get a new notebook! You can buy this in a variety of sizes, and again, this can be personalised to make a really thoughtful gift. I am yet to start using this, but I think I'll be treating it as a gratitude journal - recording three things that make me happy each day. Funky Pigeon even included a pen for me to get started!

These Pukka 7 day kits are also a lovely idea for a gift. I received the Night Time and Relax kits, which are absolutely perfect for me as an anxiety sufferer who struggles to get to sleep! The kits are organic, vegan, and contain a week's supply of tea and herbal supplements. This is basically the gift of 'me time' in a box, which I love. It's a gentle reminder for someone to take care of themselves.

I also received a Heathcote & Ivory hand and nail cream. This lavender-scented gem is super moisturising, leaving your hands smooth and soft, with a scent that is carefully formulated to help you relax. The notes of lavender, violet and sandalwood still racing minds, and comfort at the same time. Funky Pigeon stock a variety of Heathcote & Ivory products, like room sprays, reed diffusers and candles, all perfect for aiding relaxation.

There was a copy of Fearne Cotton's book Happy included. I had heard of this when it was released but hadn't looked much closer. This looks like a really useful book though. Fearne talks about her own experience of depression, it has expert advice from Mind, and it includes exercises and activities to get you involved. I am really looking forward to giving this a read!

Finally, this beautiful Believe silver necklace. Jewellery is always a good present in my eyes, and this is the kind of thing I love. I have been really interested in manifesting recently, and have been wearing a bracelet that says 'achieve'. I think this is the perfect partner to that and will give me a boost of self-belief when I need it most. There are loads of necklaces to choose from in this range, and they are a lovely way to show someone you care (or to treat yourself!).

The Happy Bag

For me, this is one of the most exciting things in the whole range. It is the cutest bag ever, the design just makes me so happy. This canvas tote is also huge - my cat has tried to set up camp in it a few times already. 

The bag is available to buy separately, and again, you can personalise it if you'd like! However, you can also buy The Happy Bag as a wellbeing and happiness goody bag! It comes with five items: Happy by Fearne Cotton, the Happy Journal, chocolates, and Pukka tea, as well as a note from Amy, the designer of the range. I think this is such a kind and thoughtful gift to give someone who might need it. 

The entire #BelieveInHappy range is beautifully designed, looks incredible and promotes a very important message: that recovery from poor mental health is possible, and we can help each other achieve it. These are gifts that show how much you care about your loved ones, as well as helping raise money for Mind. It's a win-win!

Funky Pigeon is also fundraising for Mind by having a Rainbow Day! They are encouraging you to wear rainbow colours to work on Wednesday 16th May and collect donations for doing so. They've set up a JustGiving account to collect donations and want to see your rainbow selfies! Use #BelieveInHappy and #RainbowDay for a chance to win one of the Happy Bags filled with goodies!

What's your favourite item from the range? I'm giving away two Happy Bags filled with gorgeous items on my Twitter - check it out to get involved!
*This is a collaborative post. I was sent these items to review but all opinions are my own.

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