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Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream Review.*

klairs rich moist soothing cream korean beauty skincare

I've ranted many times about my dry skin, and how hard it is to keep this old face of mine hydrated. I say that winter is bad, as the cold temperatures and terrible weather have my face irritated, but it's not like summer is much better as even a hint of sunshine dries me out to leather-bag status. I am constantly on a quest to find products that will keep my skin feeling soft and looking healthy.

The lovely people at Wishtrend stock some incredible Korean skincare brands, and when I was given the chance to try one of their products I was very excited. Korean skincare is very popular right now, with the 8- or 10-step beauty routines being hailed as the perfect way to treat your skin. While I do love skincare (the joys of trying to look 18 while approaching 30) I am a bit of a beginner - in fact, the only Korean skincare I've tried before are sheet masks. So while the numerous, multilayered Korean routines look amazing, my focus is more on finding the best versions of the products I already use, like moisturisers - so this Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream was a very welcome addition to my bathroom counter.

I've been using this product day and night since the end of February so that I could give it a fair shot, and work out how I feel about it. Now that I've run out, let me tell you while I'll definitely be repurchasing...

klairs rich moist soothing cream korean beauty skincare


The packaging is very simple, but I actually quite like it. I even think the cardboard box is cute. The tube itself isn't anything mindblowing, but it looks clean and is straight to the point. I don't necessarily want skincare packaging to be the most luxurious - it hikes the price for no real reason, and I'd rather that the product spoke for itself. Luckily, this does.

klairs rich moist soothing cream korean beauty skincare

What's Inside?

A huge selling point of this brand for me is that they are cruelty-free. They also have a brand policy to avoid harsh ingredients, meaning that although it is focused on hydration, this product is actually suitable for all skin types. This specific cream is also vegan-friendly which is brilliant! 

I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to skincare, so do make sure to check the ingredients list out for yourself. However, a couple of the ingredients stood out to me: alongside the hydrating dream team of shea butter and jojoba oil, this product contains ceramide 3 (also known as ceramide NP) which is a waxy lipid that helps to retain moisture and sooth the skin. You already produce ceramides naturally, so this is just a 'top-up' - perfect if your skin is irritated or red. They didn't call it 'soothing' for nothing!

klairs rich moist soothing cream korean beauty skincare


On first application, this feels rich and thick without being heavy. It feels cooling and gentle and sinks into my skin like a dream. As I need a bit more moisture than the average person, I always worry about how products will work underneath makeup, but this actually does the job really well. It does need a couple of minutes to be completely unnoticeable to the touch, but it doesn't cause my foundation to slide around my face which is a huge bonus. If you are less dry than me, this may leave a bit more of a residue on your skin, but it also works perfectly as a night cream.


The scent of this product is so subtle and light that it is pretty much impossible that it will offend anyone. It has the tiniest hint of a muted, fresh, lemon fragrance, but you honestly have to try hard to even notice it. This is perfect for me as I don't really appreciate overpowering, perfumed products on my easily irritated face. Within seconds, even the trace of scent disappears.

klairs rich moist soothing cream korean beauty skincare


After using this for two months I am very impressed. It is such a simple, straightforward product but it really does what it promises. No longer do I have to worry about the dreaded scaley forehead! My skin feels so soft and velvety, looks so much healthier and hydrated, and hasn't had any irritation or sensitivity for weeks. I am very pleased with it, but I do wonder how well this would work for someone with oily skin. While they claim it is suitable for everyone, I don't know whether there's a huge amount of benefit from it if you don't need hydration. I'd probably advise checking out the rest of the Klairs range to see if there's a product that fits your skin type better.


This costs $24.50 (around £18.15) from Wishtrend, which is obviously not the cheapest product ever. However, this 60ml tube has lasted me over two months of twice-a-day use and has made my skin incredibly happy. I will definitely be shelling out for another tube as I'm yet to find another product that works so well for me. There are also some really interesting looking skincare sets on the site that would be perfect for people looking to begin a full skincare routine.

klairs rich moist soothing cream korean beauty skincare

Basically, it's two thumbs up for this product from me! The Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream has become a staple of my skincare routine, and I'm looking forward to trying more of their products out soon. 

Have you tried any Korean skincare? What did you think?

*This product was sent to me in return for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. This post also uses affiliate links - for more information see my disclaimer.

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