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SoulTree Ayurvedic Kajals: 3000 Years Of Colour.*

I first started experimenting with makeup when I entered high school. My product of choice? Always eyeliners. I even went through a stage of wearing eyeliner without mascara, which I'm sure looked great and not at all bizarre. To date, it's still my favourite product: I'll quite often pop some on even when the rest of my face is bare. SoulTree asked me to try out their Ayurvedic Kajals and I was very excited to give them a whirl!

About The Brand

SoulTree are a really interesting brand, in my opinion! They are committed to ethical, sustainable farming and harvesting of their ingredients, from ensuring they don't overharvest plants to sourcing from organic farms to stop harmful chemicals entering their products. They promise to "bring you nature's goodness with honesty and responsibility", and their Ayurvedic Kajals are made to a recipe traditionally used in villages around the Himalayas, dating back 3000 years.


I was lucky enough to receive two colours, Cold Black and Purple Haze. I really like the packaging of these. They come nestled in a cardboard box, and are encased in silver metal tubes like a lipstick. This makes them super sturdy, so you can throw them in a bag without worrying you're going to damage them. They look really unusual for eyeliners, kind of futuristic and space age! Probably the coolest-looking eyeliner I own.


SoulTree manufacture two black kajals: the Cold Black I received and one called Pure Black. They are both described as charcoal colours with the Pure Black also apparently giving a matte finish. To be honest, I didn't think the Cold Black was particularly glossy, so I'd be interested to see if there was much of a difference. I liked the Cold Black a lot, it's very pigmented and opaque. The Purple Haze shade was also lovely; it's slightly maroon with a gorgeous sheen to it, almost like a duo-chrome. Again, it was packed full of pigment and gave a great sweep of colour. It's very unusual and would look great in a evening eye look. 

The range comes in a variety of gorgeous colours, from a transparent option to help brighten and nourish your eye area, to bright gold, blue, green and copper for more dramatic makeup.

What's Inside?

In line with SoulTree's beliefs in avoiding harmful chemicals, the ingredients in the kajals are primarily natural. They use black carbon from vegetable oil lamps (bit of an unusual ingredient!), ghee, almond oil and minerals to get the vibrant colours. They do not contain parabens or lead, and are not tested on animals which is wonderful.


Both kajals are very soft and creamy, meaning they glide on like a dream. There is nothing I hate more than applying something that tugs or is scratchy on the waterline, but there's no issues with that here. The Cold Black gave some definition to my lashline, while the Purple Haze looked awesome in my waterline but also made a great eyeshadow look when blended out. These are a great, easy option for when you're in a rush but still want a pop of colour on your eyes. 


For me, these work really well. The Purple Haze did start to rub away after a few hours of use but the Cool Black stayed put until I cleansed my face. I will say that these do smudge - I actually like this as I can blend them a bit to give a more natural makeup look, but if you're looking for a very defined eyeliner look, this isn't the product for you. However, I think they are perfect for a relaxed, casual style that looks amazing but is so easy to achieve.


For me, this is the only real sticking point. While I really love that these are natural products, made to a traditional recipe, the Purple Haze shade costs £13.90. Currently, the Cold Black is on sale for £6.95 which is a lot more reasonable, but it was apparently once priced at £16.68 which is very pricey. I'm not sure these would be the most cost-efficient if you were to use them daily. However, I do think that the colour selection is great, so I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for some unique colours that I'd use for special occasions.

Final Thoughts

These are beautiful products that benefit from their traditional recipe, and have a great variety of colours. The pigmentation and lasting power are very impressive, and they add a great pop of colour to a makeup look. My only issue is that, for me, the price prohibits them from being everyday items, but I'd definitely splash out on them for special occasions (I'm even wearing them to an event tomorrow!). 

What do you think about these kajals? Would you be tempted to pick one up?
*I was sent these products in return for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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