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Man Polish - The Moisturiser I'm Stealing From My Husband.

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes dehydrated, weatherbeaten and dull skin. Not exactly ideal, especially if your skin is already dry to begin with. It's something I find myself trying to ward off every year, but my dear husband with his equally dry skin doesn't ever take care of it. Then I found out about Man Polish - skincare aimed at men, with a built-in glow. I really should have given my husband more of a chance to check it out, but I was too busy thinking about myself...

About The Brand

Man Polish was created when founders Renforth & Goddard set out to develop a high quality line of skincare products for men. Man Polish now consists of a range of tinted moisturisers for men - basically face creams with a gradual tanner in them. They want to spread the message that men can and should embrace products that help them to look and feel their best. Their products are made in Manchester and for every pot they sell, they donate 50p to the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a mental health organisation that works to prevent male suicide, the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. A very worthy cause indeed!

While these products are aimed at men, obviously there's no rule to say women can't use this! Something for me to pinch off my husband instead of the other way around (for once!).

The Range

Man Polish currently comes in three formulations: their 'Neutral' option which is an everyday facial moisturiser without any fake tan. This makes up the base for their two other shade options: 'Subtle' and 'Strong'. As I'm sure you can work out, 'Subtle' gives us paler folk a barely detectable glow, helping to even out your skintone while still looking very natural. 'Strong' will give a much darker colour, perfect for those with darker natural skintones or who are more confident about rocking a tanned face. 


I was sent the Neutral everyday face moisturiser to try (alongside a small sample of the Subtle), and upon unboxing this I was struck by how much I like the packaging. It's stylish and sleek with a weighty glass jar that feels like a high-end product. The black and silver of the logo looks modern and yet classic, and this wouldn't look out of place in the most expensive of homes. Their logo is very cool - it reminds me of a dapper 1920s gentleman. This is definitely the kind of packaging that would make this a great gift for a partner or family member at Christmas.

What's Inside?

All of the Man Polish products are vegan and cruelty-free, which is great news. They also are fragrance-free, and gentle on sensitive skin. There are lots of great natural ingredients in the moisturisers, like Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, so that even when you're getting your glow on, your skin is getting a major dose of hydration. Two birds, one stone...!


These apply very easily - all you need to do apply the cream to your skin with your fingertips, avoiding your eyes or any facial hair if you're using one of the tanners. The colour will gradually develop over roughly 24 hours, and you can continue applying it for consistent coverage. If not, it will fade after around 48 hours (or a face scrub will lift it easily!).

Seeing as I was using the everyday Neutral product, I didn't have to worry about my facial hair (ho ho ho)... Seriously though, this applies like a dream. It's quite thick but there is absolutely no stickiness to it. It takes a minute or two to fully sink into the skin but it's so light it doesn't feel like there's anything on there at all. It's not perfumed whatsoever, but it does have a pleasant musky, masculine scent from the ingredients, although it is quite faint. Overall though, this is such an easy, low-maintenance kind of product that you'll be shocked by how much difference it makes.


I've been using the Neutral moisturiser for around a month, and my skin is thanking me for it. The thick, hydrating cream is a real blessing now that it's so bloomin' cold up here in Scotland, and I appear to have warded off any dry spots with it which is great. Even though this is apparently tailored for men's skin, I can visibly see that my skin is looking better. I always worry that a thick moisturiser will leave me looking greasy but this really didn't - I just looked like I had brighter, happier skin.

I even got my husband to give this a shot - seeing as it is, in fact, supposed to be for men. He refused to let me take photos of him using it (I'll make an influencer out of him one of these days) but he was impressed with the difference in his skin. This is a man who uses soap as shower gel and shower gel as shampoo, so he's not exactly known for looking after his skin. However, this made his face feel soft and smooth, even around the driest areas such as his beard. Very impressive stuff!

I did try a sample of the Subtle tanner too, although I totally forgot to take photos - sorry! From my sample, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. I don't fake tan as I'm very pale and scared it will make me look orange. This is particularly true of facial self-tanning, it seems quite daunting! Thankfully, the Subtle tanner is exactly that - subtle. It looked like I was wearing a very light layer of makeup as it helped disguise my blemishes and even out my skintone. This is sure to give anyone who tries it - regardless of their gender - a ton of confidence. It made me feel so much less self-conscious about my face, so I'd definitely like to try a full-size jar of this soon.


Man Polish may have been designed as a high-quality skincare line, but the price is fairly reasonable. The 50ml jars cost £18.95 each, which I appreciate is not in everyone's budget, but is a decent price for looking after your face in my opinion. It's also worth noting that because these creams are quite thick, a little goes a really long way. I reckon you could get easily get a couple of months of use out of one jar, so the cost per use is actually very good value for money. I also think that due to the packaging, these would make really good gifts, and with Christmas coming up they feel like a well-priced item to treat a man in your life to.

Final Thoughts

They may be targeted at men, but the Man Polish products get a double thumbs-up from me. These are classy-looking products that do their job very well, and are a decent price. I also am fully behind any product that encourages the men I love to take a little time to care for themselves: self-care isn't gendered, and I know that for me skincare is a huge thing that makes me feel like I'm looking after myself properly. As I've said, these would make perfect gifts too.

Plus how can you argue with a company that donates to CALM?! It's such an important cause and it's brilliant that Renforth & Goddard have chosen to work with them.

What do you make of Man Polish? Is there a guy in your life you'd gift this too, or would you be stealing it from him to try yourself?
*I was gifted this product in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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