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Seatox Seaweed: Selkie Smooth and Kelp Help - Why You Need Seaweed In Your Beauty Routine.*

While some people lust after the newest eyeshadow palette or have a lipstick collection so large they could open their own Boots store, I am more enamoured with skincare. I love it - from body scrubs to overnight serums, I can't get enough. There's something about having a relaxing bath or taking ten minutes to do a pampering face mask that leaves me feeling much more human. So when Seatox sent me some of their gorgeous, natural seaweed skincare products to play with, I was so excited for the excuse to completely chill out and treat myself!

Tess, Seatox's founder, grew up on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, an area with a long tradition for harvesting seaweed, so was always aware of the many ways that it can be used - including its health and beauty benefits. She also wanted to find natural, vegan beauty and skincare alternatives - so from this, the idea to begin her own company came, and Seatox was born. 

Seatox uses only ethically sourced and sustainably harvested seaweed, ensuring there is no impact on the environment. They source directly from pristine beaches on the west coast of Ireland, use fully recyclable (or reusable!) packaging, and their products are all vegan and cruelty-free. Tess also believes that "when you take from the ocean, you must give back", so £1 from every product sold goes back into marine conservation projects. Seatox is currently working with the Seal Rescue Ireland, who rehabilitate orphaned and injured seal pups. So not only are you treating yourself when you buy a Seatox product, you're donating to crucial conservation works - a win-win in my book!

I was sent two products to try - so let's have a look at how I got on with them, shall we?

Selkie Smooth

Firstly, I absolutely loved the name of this. If you're not aware, a Selkie is a mythical creature that is said to resemble a seal while in the water but becomes a human on land. They do this by shedding their seal-skin - so naming a product to help soften and smooth your skin after them is a cute touch!

Selkie Smooth consists of 100g of fucus serratus - wild seaweed that is packed full of iodine, magnesium and zinc. It is said to have anti-ageing properties (as it also contains retinol aka vitamin A), helps detox your skin, and moisturises you while it's at it. 

To use the Selkie Smooth, all you do is pop it into a hot bath so it rehydrates. You can then squeeze the natural gels over your skin, letting all that goodness get to work while you relax (or catch up on iPlayer, no judgement!). 

When I first opened this bag I'll admit I was slightly hesitant at the idea of jumping straight into a bath full of seaweed. I loved how fresh and natural it was, but I wasn't sure the authentic beachy scent was for me. So, as Seatox recommended, I added some essential oils in with it. A few drops of citrusy bergamot and lemon later, and I was in my own personal heaven. As I've mentioned a billion times, the sea is my happy place, but living in Scotland means I don't often feel brave enough to get in it. Having the opportunity to sink into a warm, seaside paradise (albeit one that smelled of lemons) was dreamy. 

I really noticed the way this left my skin feeling. I was shocked by how smooth and silky I felt (should that be how selkie I felt?). I thought having plants in the bath would be weird, but it's surprising how quickly I got used to it. Usually, when I get out of the bath my hands and feet feel very dry (my skin is very dry naturally and the hot water seems to strip them further) but I actually ended up feeling like I'd just lotioned my whole body. 

Selkie Smooth is £6.95 - not bad for a little at-home spa treatment. My skin and I enjoyed every second! 

Kelp Help

The Kelp Help wild kelp powder is intended for making face masks. Face masks are one of my favourite skincare treats, so I was very excited to get to 'make' my own. All you need is a little lukewarm water, and an oil or gel base - such as olive oil, rose water, coconut oil or aloe vera gel. 

I tried mine with extra virgin olive oil, as the cold weather recently has really taken its toll on my skin and I wanted something quite moisturising and conditioning. The kelp powder, like the seaweed bath, has lots of minerals in it - magnesium, retinol, iodine, calcium, vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Combined, these help to soften your skin, help fight signs of ageing, and give you an all-natural glow. 

The recipes suggest mixing a teaspoon of the powder with 3-5 tablespoons of lukewarm water, and a tablespoon of your base. It's worth pouring the water in slowly, I found that I only needed 3 tablespoons to get a decent paste. It took a bit of trial and error to get the right consistency, and I won't pretend I didn't make a huge mess, but eventually, I got it on my face! The smell was lovely, a subtle seaside scent that felt very relaxing, and not unlike being at a spa! 

I left this on for about 15 minutes before washing it off. My skin felt amazing afterwards: deeply nourished, soft to the touch and the most hydrated it has felt in months. Even my pesky dry forehead feels so much better; there are no longer patches of dry skin hanging around which is fantastic. It also looked so much brighter, eliminating all of that autumn dullness. Plus, my fine lines around my eyes and mouth were less visible - always a bonus!

I really loved how this powder made my skin feel, and I can't wait to try it again with some different bases: using fruit and veg like avocado or banana as the base could be really interesting! The sachet retails for £8.95, which I think is a fantastic price considering how many uses you'll get out of it! 

I'm a big fan of the Seatox products, they are a gorgeous way to feel connected to nature, to enjoy ancient spa therapies, and to just relax and treat yourself, with cruelty-free, vegan and ethical treatments. I would definitely repurchase these so I can live my mermaid dreams at home, rather than in the freezing North Sea. I also love that purchasing these helps charities - I'm always very impressed with companies that back up their ethics with their actions. 

If you'd like to try some Seatox products (and let's be real, why wouldn't you?!) you can use the code BLOGGERGIFT at the checkout for 10% off! Well, it'd be rude not to pick some up now, wouldn't it?!

What do you think about Seatox products? Are you ready to embrace your inner mermaid and get using seaweed in your beauty routine? Let me know! 
*I was sent these products in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are my own and 100% honest.

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