Monday, 29 October 2018

Wailana Willow Tree Yoga and Pilates Mat from Jump Up Online.*

I'm 29 this week, which is equally exciting and terrifying. It's also making me rethink my whole lifestyle. I've spent the majority of the last decade being very much a couch potato, but I've recently been (trying to) be a bit more active. I've heard incredible things about yoga from my good friend Jenny, so when I was offered the chance to try out this gorgeous yoga and pilates mat from Jump Up Online, I decided it was more than time to get off the sofa and give it a shot!

Jump Up Online was founded by a man named Steve, who, like me, was much more fond of a sit-down than a run. After finding his love for exercise, he lost an incredible 28lbs and 10% of his body fat through hard work, focus and determination. Jump Up Online aims to inspire others to follow suit, and offers a huge variety of at-home exercise equipment to help you get started. This story really did motivate me - I can be somewhat weak-willed when it comes to making myself move, but Steve's story made me feel like I can do it too. 

I'm not a big fan of working out in public, and I don't really have access to a gym anyway. So for me, exercise is limited to what I can do at home. That is then limited by what equipment I have. It can feel quite intimidating to get started with a new routine when you need to buy lots of products first.

As I mentioned, I have seen a lot of great things about yoga on some of my favourite blogs, and I've always thought it might be the perfect way for me to get started on a journey to fitness. It's not too high-impact but will still have you sweating away and working hard, which is the perfect balance for me - particularly as any jumping around in my house is likely to irritate my neighbours! It also requires very little equipment, making it great for my budget. This gorgeous Wailana Willow Tree mat is all I need - and I've really fallen in love with it. 

The mat is incredibly aesthetically pleasing for a piece of exercise equipment. The willow pattern on it is beautiful, and it is a really unique but subtle design. It's quite a calming image too, so you'll be able to focus your mind on your workout. I showed it to my mum, who is a big pilates fan and she loved it - she thought it would be a great way to stand out a bit in a class too. 

I was really impressed with how comfortable the mat was to use - obviously I'm a complete novice to yoga but this actually gave me a lot more confidence. I felt like the slight stickiness of the mat made me feel much more stable when I was getting to grips with the different positions, and yet it was also so cushioned that my feet felt protected from the friction burns I'm sure I'd have got on a different surface. 

The mat gives a really large space to work with - it measures in at 61cm wide, 173cm in length and 3.5mm high. Despite this, it was also so convenient to roll up and transport around. It's super light and easy to carry, but it also feels like it has a tough, durable feel to it. I've seen some of my mum's old pilate mats, and they are liable to tear easily. The Wailana Willow Tree mat feels much higher quality, which is incredible for the £30 price tag. It really feels like a luxury product for an affordable price.

Even if you're not a fan of yoga or pilates, this mat would be incredibly useful for adding into your exercise routine. My husband has used it for a few at-home calisthenics routines, as it's much more pleasant to do push-ups on than on carpet. It's easily cleaned too, so you can even take it out into the fresh air and practice in your garden or the park if you fancy! The grip you are offered from the PVC vinyl surface makes your exercise safer too - no worries of slipping and hurting yourself mid-routine.

This mat is such a simple, affordable item that has really changed my approach to exercising. With one product, I am beginning to leave behind my couch potato lifestyle - and I've already caught myself browsing the Jump Up Online website for more products to build up my home gym. 

Are you a couch potato or a fitness fanatic? And have you ever tried yoga? Let me know!
*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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