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Citrus Cheer Roll-On Body and Massage Oil from Kathleen Natural.*

As you might know, I am a huge skincare fanatic, and I love trying new products whenever I can. When Kathleen Natural asked if I'd like to try their roll-on body and massage oil, I was very intrigued. Promising to hydrate my skin while also delivering a gorgeous scent, could this roll-on deliver?

About the Brand

Kathleen Natural began life in Royal Leamington Spa in 2014. They create luxurious, high-performance skincare products, using natural and organic ingredients. There are no nasty artificial chemicals in their products, so they are perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. They also do not test on animals (yay!) and some of their range is vegan-friendly too. Kathleen Natural believe it is much easier to help prevent damage to your skin than to reverse it, so their range aims to maintain the best bits of your skin's function, giving it a little extra boost to help it out!

The Range

There are a fair few different items available on Kathleen Natural's shop. They produce everything you could need for your skincare routine: cleansing lotion, toner, eye cream, serums, and even muslin cloths! They also have bubble bath and shower gel, and body and massage oils. Basically, if there's anything you're looking for skincare-wise, Kathleen Natural has got it.

I was lucky enough to be gifted one of their roll-on body and massage oils. These currently come in three scent options: Sensual Rose (orange, rose and nutmeg), Tranquil Fields (lavender, frankincense and vanilla) and Citrus Cheer (lemon, rosewood and geranium). Being a huge fruity-scent fan, I opted for the Citrus Cheer.


Firstly, the package I received in the post was beautifully wrapped. I loved the colourful paper, it is such a small thing but an extra bit of attention in the presentation of an item can make all the difference. Even before I'd opened it, I could feel that Kathleen Natural clearly care a lot about their products.

The product itself looks very classy. The oils come in 10ml roll-ons, with gold caps and a luxuriously-weighty glass bottle. I think this looks a bit like an upmarket perfume. It's also the perfect size to carry around in my bag, so it's always at hand when I need it. 

What's Inside?

As I mentioned, the Citrus Cheer oil contains three main scents, each with their own benefits. The lemon essential oil helps restore and brighten any dullness, and is antiseptic so can help treat troubled skin. It also helps cleanse the body, while its scent lifts your mood. Rosewood essential oil is great for keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy. The scent is also said to have antidepressant properties. Geranium essential oil is great for helping to reduce inflammation, soothe acne, and balance hormones. The scent also helps to reduce fatigue, uplift your spirit and alleviate anxiety. 

Alongside these essential oils, the roll-on has a ton of natural oils - organic sweet almond oil, organic virgin argan oil, organic rosehip oil, organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. These help to moisturise and hydrate the skin, with additional benefits such as reducing inflammation, soothing redness and itching, protecting and maintaining skin elasticity, and preventing the formation of lines and dark spots.


These roll-on oils are perfect for on-the-go application. All you need to do is roll it over your pulse points, like your neck or wrists. Of course, you can use the oil elsewhere on your body that is feeling a bit dry, but the scent is beautiful and strong so it makes a lovely alternative to a perfume too. I've also used this over my nail and cuticles following the removal of fake nails, to try and hydrate them again!


This scent choice was such a good one! The citrusy aroma is perfect for making me feel instantly more alert and awake. If I pop this on my pulse points, I find it lasts for ages so I often catch myself sniffing my wrists (sounds a bit weird but you get me). 

I expected, with this being an oil, that I'd end up feeling greasy and uncomfortable, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The roll-on means that you disperse the oil in a light layer, and it absorbs into the skin quickly.

In the past I have only ever used oils when I'm stepping out of the bath, to lock in moisture (psst: there's a larger version of this same oil if you'd like to do just that) but now I am applying oil constantly: in the car, on the street, going around Asda... I struggle with anxiety in public places but a little bit of this certainly gives me a ton of Citrus Cheer. 

Of course, this has also really helped to hydrate my skin. My nails no longer feel brittle and dry, and after using this on my hands I have noticed how soft and smooth they feel - a far cry from their usual chapped, winter weather-beaten state. I know it's weird, but even the skin on my neck feels nicer - sometimes behind my ears can get dry as I can forget to moisturise there properly. No longer an issue!


The roll-on body and massage oils cost £16 each, which is on the higher end of the scale. However, I would definitely shell out for this again. I have been using my roll-on for nearly two months, and I have used about a quarter of it. A little definitely goes a long way, and I just cannot get enough of the scent. 

There is also an option to buy a set of all of the roll-on scents for £44, saving you a few quid if you can't decide between the three! 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm really impressed with this. I didn't think it would become a handbag essential, something I just don't leave the house without, but it has. The fragrance makes me happy and calms my anxiety, and the oil itself has worked wonders on the dry parts of my skin now that winter is here. My body and mind are both thankful for the Citrus Cheer!

I am a big believer in the idea that, if you can, spending a bit more on skincare is worth it - skin is your largest organ and looking after it is important! I am really looking forward to checking out more Kathleen Natural products - that eye cream has my name on it...

Have you ever tried Kathleen Natural products? Would a roll-on body oil be something you'd like?
*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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