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My Favourite True Crime Podcasts.*

A couple of years ago, I wrote about my favourite podcasts. Since then, my interest in true crime has only grown, and I'm now subscribed to a bunch of excellent shows that deal with all things dark and scary. I know a bunch of you are also into the grisly details so I thought it was about time I shared a selection of the best podcasts I've found!

I tend to listen to these podcasts at night, while in bed. I know, probably not the smartest time of day to dive into a world of crime but I love it! Someone who doesn't, however, is my husband Blair. He's not that keen on being woken up by stories of creepy murders or unsolved disappearances, so I have to use headphones. The earbuds that came with my phone are old and uncomfortable, so I hope to upgrade soon to a much comfier overhead version, like these fancy Panasonic Bluetooth Headphones (mum, dad, if you're looking for Christmas ideas...). They look perfect for when I'm snuggled up ready to listen to some of my favourite shows!

The best podcasts for detail

Casefile is by far my favourite true crime podcast. While a lot of the others I listen to can be a bit silly or gimmicky (not that that's necessarily bad!) this is so well researched, so thorough and so much more in-depth. It's presented by an anonymous Australian host with the most pleasantly calm voice, which can be a little at-odds with the topics he's covering. This podcast has won a ton of awards and it is easy to see why - the level of detail it goes into is so impressive. This is less opinion-based than a lot of the others which I also highly appreciate; it is much more focused on the facts.

Another fact-based podcast I'd highly recommend is Sword & Scale, although this can occasionally verge on being even too graphic for me! I also highly rate They Walk Among Us, which focuses primarily on UK cases, and The Apex and the Abyss, which covers both widely publicised cases and smaller, less well-known stories.

Seeing the funny side?

If you prefer a bit of chatter and some laughs with your true crime, then my first instinct is to recommend the hugely popular My Favorite Murder. I mentioned this way back when in my first podcast post, and it's still one I love listening to. It presents a slightly more light-hearted look at some really gruesome cases, which definitely helps break the tension!

Other podcasts that take a more humorous approach to this subject are S'laughter, which is kind of like a British version of MFM, combining scary stories with some dark humour. For those of you who aren't easily offended, The Last Podcast on the Left covers a huge variety of subjects, from crime to the supernatural, but be warned that some of the language and jokes can definitely be extreme.

Deeper Investigations

After I listened to Serial, I fell in love with podcasts that are focused solely on one case. The idea of following an investigation fully, investigating the evidence as a group of listeners, and coming up with theories is what makes Truth & Justice so intriguing to me. Every season they take a new case, usually relating to what appears to be a miscarriage of justice, and examine the evidence to see if the person behind bars is likely to be responsible (spoiler: they definitely aren't). It's infuriating to see how easily alternative narratives can be provided and does make you doubt the justice system somewhat, but it's fascinating all the same! 

Other podcasts I love that tend to delve deeper into one case at a time include Someone Knows Something, which is more like a journalistic look into a variety of unsolved cases, and Untold: The Daniel Morgan Story which investigates the death of a private investigator who was close to exposing police corruption.

Talking It Over

I am a sucker for podcasts with two (or three) presenters who discuss their theories on cases. I love the flow of ideas, and the way it throws up possibilites I hadn't considered. My favourite of these is probably True Crime Garage, where Nic and The Captain drink beer in their garage and discuss true crime. They don't always agree but that makes it all the more interesting to me. I also find this a really well-researched podcast that gives a good amount of detail to the crimes.

Other chatty podcasts I love are In Sight, which features presenters Ali and Charlie discussing crimes from their homes in the USA and Australia. They present some more unique stories and have really thought-provoking chats about their theories. I also love Red Handed, which tends to feature cases I haven't heard of and delves into the paranormal on occasion too. Generation Why is also good; their show consists more of breaking down theories and giving opinions on unsolved cases or mysteries. Lastly, I love the range of topics covered by Thinking Sideways although the dynamic between the three presenters can be a little off at times. They definitely snipe at each other but if you can get past that it presents some really interesting ideas.

A Different Take

On a different track from the regular 'talking about murder' podcasts, The Vanished is a really heartbreaking show that tells the stories of missing people. Some feel like they have only remained unsolved due to incompetence, while some are complete mysteries. It's an addictive listen. There's also Hollywood & Crime which covers the most infamous murders in Hollywood - think the Black Dahlia, Charles Manson and so on. Then there's Criminal. I was hesitant to include this as it doesn't tend to include much violence, but it is a really unique show that covers the unusual and sometimes ridiculous stories of how people have ended up committing crimes. Much less dark than almost every other show I've mentioned, this is one to listen to when you've freaked yourself out and need something light!

Phew, that was a lot of shows! I am a huge fan of all of these, and although it takes a lot of time to stay on top of them, it is worth it to hear about these riveting true crime stories. Hopefully you've managed to find some new recommendations in here, let me know if you listen to any and how you get on with them!

Do you like to listen to true crime podcasts? What are your favourite shows?
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