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Party Perfect Heels from XY London.*

Do you ever wonder how tall people you know online are? I think about this quite often - I always picture people about my height until I meet them. I wonder whether you'd guess my height? I'm short. 5'2" to be exact (there may be a small amount of rounding up in there...). That's why I fell in love with high heels - a love that hasn't always been reciprocated by the shoes.

I'm very far away from a fashion blogger. I don't really have a sense of style at all, and I tend to go for comfort over looks for the most part. But for me, shoes are a thing of real beauty and although you'll mainly find me in flats, I have a collection of high heels I just keep to look at. I used to wear high heels on every night out, even though I was tottering around like Bambi on ice (actually, considering I went to Aberdeen for uni I often literally was on ice). Despite the discomfort and the inability to walk, I love heels as they add a bit of glamour to even the most boring outfits and give me confidence, making me feel like I'd made an effort!

I was about to attend a black tie ball when XY London offered me the chance to try out a pair of their women's shoes - clearly, it was fate. I'd already picked my dress so I got searching for the perfect shoes to go with it - and boy, did I have a lot to choose from! XY London has everything you could want - from wedding shoes, high heels, summery flip-flops and ankle boots or knee high boots for winter. All of them are very affordable, with hundreds of options available for under £30.

It took me quite a while to narrow down my options as I loved so many, but I eventually found a pair I absolutely loved - the Ezra Champagne Satin Diamante heels*. They went well with my dress for the event, and as I may have mentioned once or twice, I'm a bit of a magpie so the sparkle of these little babes caught my eye.

The Ezra heels were the perfect nude for the dress I'd chosen, and will be really versatile in the future too. I'm not usually a fan of peep toe shoes but these are just so pretty I couldn't resist. The trim is somewhere in between gold and silver, and the diamantes give a really interesting multicoloured shine - a bit like an oil slick or a rainbow. I liked that these come with detachable ankle straps; they'd be perfect for giving a bit more stability to the stilettos, but I actually wore them without the strap as I don't like how they make my ankles look haha!

As I mentioned, I wore these shoes for a night event, including dancing till the early hours! I was really impressed with how comfortable they remained - there's a decent bit of cushioning on the insoles, but beware that the shiny surface could cause blisters if your feet get overly hot! The shoes boast a 4.6" heel (with a 0.6" platform height) so these definitely boosted me to a decent height.

The shoes come in other colours too - black, silver and an ivory satin which would be perfect for a wedding look. The only little negative I have with these is obviously an unavoidable one - the diamantes do tend to fall off quite easily. It's just the reality of having embellishments on your shoes, but after a big night out you're likely to have a few missing. There are extras included in the box when you receive the shoes, so if you have a steady hand and some fabric glue you can fix any patches up!

I would definitely buy from XY London in the future, and am already searching through the site for some perfect boots to get me through winter! I was very impressed with the selection, the quality of the products, especially considering the really affordable price and the speed of delivery. Definitely going to bookmark the site!

XY London is currently working with the Young Women's Trust, a charity that supports women aged 16-30 on low or no pay in England and Wales, helping them to find work or a better-paid job. The trust supports women by giving them one-on-one coaching, helping them with writing CVs and preparing for interviews, and helped over 2000 women in 2017/18. You can find out more about this brilliant collaboration here.

Oh, and just for the record - here's the dress I wore to the black-tie event. Of course, my bra strap is out in the only photo I have from the night - isn't that always the way? *eyeroll emoji* Also apologies for the photos including my weird feet, I tried to minimise the horror but it's always worth seeing them on isn't it!

What are your thoughts on the Ezra heels? Are you a fan of skyscraper-tall shoes or do you prefer flats?
*I was gifted these shoes in exchange for promotion of XY London's work with Young Women's Trust. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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