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This page aims to inform you of how your personal data is collected, stored and used by

As I do not offer advertising or have a mailing list, I personally do not collect or store any of your personal information. However, this site uses third-party services which may do. 

This site uses cookies to collect information on your browsing behaviour. Cookies are small pieces of text stored by your browser stored by your web browser and allows this website to recognize your browser, remember user preferences, and capture and retain information. These cookies do not collect any personal data but provide information to help improve the experience on this site for both yourself and future users. You can disable cookies through your browser settings. 

This site uses Google Analytics to collect information regarding traffic and visitor behaviours. I use this information to analyse the contents of my website, to track visitor numbers and to see the page views of each post. I retain this information indefinitely in order to compare visitor numbers over time. Google Analytics does not identify individuals but may use cookies to collect data such as your location, browser, device and user behaviour. See their privacy policy here.

I also use third-party advertisements on this site. Google Adsense uses cookies when advertising on this site, which may send advertisers information such as your IP address, your ISP and information about your browser. This allows them to serve you adverts based on your prior visits to this and/or other websites. Again, you can disable cookies or third-party cookies via your browser settings. I do not collect or store any of the information from Google Adsense further than the number of page views on my site, and the number of adverts clicked. I cannot identify individuals from this.

The commenting system used, Disqus, collects and retains information such as your email address. I do not have access to this information. You can find their privacy policy here. If you comment on this site, the comment and its associated metadata are retained indefinitely. Information such as your profile photo and Disqus account activity will be available to the public. You can delete your comments at any time. 

I do not trade, sell or distribute your personal information for any purpose.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy or wish to view or request the deletion of your personal information, please contact me at

This policy will be reviewed regularly. It is subject to change and was last updated 23rd May 2018.


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